Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Projects Finished

I've been meaning to post these pics for a while now. We got a lot of projects finished these past few weeks!

Thank you Thank you to Ben for helping (by helping I mean almost completely doing it all by himself) get our chair rail project done! I'm SO happy with the results!

We found out that we have a "Willy Wonka Wall", but I still think it looks great! (One of our walls is so far from being flat that it's not even funny! It looks like one of those fun house mirrors was used as a level! lol!)

I also have almost all of my Vinyl projects done.

And we finally got our gallery wall hung! We even have pictures in most of the frames! I'm still waiting on a few frames- I know what I want in them, but I don't have pictures that I like yet.

We also got the front yard under control... but it's not what I would call done. So no pics of that yet! And I have a few more projects that I had planned on doing, but, after talking with my accountant (aka the husband, Bryan) I have decided to wait till after the baby comes to tackle those.
First there's the issue of our public office/computer desk. I really want to hang a big clock on the wall above it and then treat the top of the desk like I would a fire place mantle. I have a vision involving topiary's, some fabric, and a candle or two... BUT- we're waiting!

I also REALLY want a new front door! We have one picked out, and I found a super cute entry table to go in there too. But, again.... waiting. lol!

So, for now, this is where we stand:
Kitchen Wall- Done!
Kitchen Appliances- Updated!
Ugly Black kitchen drapes- replaced!
Guest Room- Done, and then redone, and now-Work in progress.
Front Yard- Forever a Work in progress.
Bowling Ally Hallway- Fixed!
Gallery Wall- Hung!
Baby's Room- Done!
Michelle's Big Girl Bed- Done!
My Own Big Girl Bed- Done!
Front Door/Entry Way- TBD.
Desk Top Makeover- TBD.
I was talking with Bryan and realized that we have only been in our house for 5 months and already have most of our projects done. Not too shabby if you ask me!

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