Sunday, November 30, 2008

I will never forget!

I was typing up a spotlight for Relief Society and realized that I hadn't posted about our last appointment! It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life! First let me say that Dr. Mos is absolutely awesome! And to explain that I need to go into a little history...

Ok, really quick here's what has been going on- Bryan lost his job at the beginning of October. With his job went our insurance. Without insurance it's really expensive to have any sort of baby appointment even if all you do is talk to your OB. So Bryan and I had to decide between Cobra (the insurance that is offered to keep us covered) or applying for medicade. Well, Cobra would cost us more then rent and all of our other bills combined every month and medicade is free! So... easy choice right? Here's the thing- with medicade I would have to go to a different doctor that doesn't know anything about my pregnancy history and the earliest I would be able to go would be a few weeks after I got approved for medicade which is one month after applying! So long story short Bryan and I decided to go see Dr. Mos this one last time and just pay out of pocket.

Back to my original story. So Bryan and I went in to see Dr. Mos and her nurses kept trying to get Bryan and I to do all of these tests that we didn't really need (HIV test, STD test, ect.). So eventually Dr.Mos told them not to run any of those test and to get me set up in the room with the ultrasound machine. I had already given the nurses enough trouble about the tests so I decided to just go ahead and move and then talk to Dr.Mos about why I couldn't have an ultrasound when she came in. Well when she walked in the first thing she said was that she was sorry about us being without insurance and she know how stressful that can be especially when you're pregnant. She went on to recommend a different OB that she went to school with that accepted medicade. Then she told me not to worry about the cost of the ultrasound she wasn't going to bill me for it because, even if I didn't want it, she did!

During the ultrasound I was able to see my baby! I couldn't believe it! Now, I have had ultrasounds with both of my previous pregnancies, but the baby never really looked like a baby. It was always just a little grain of rice floating around in a big black circle. This time, I could see my baby's head, legs, arms, feet, and hands. You can even tell where the eyes are starting to form and how the fingers are going to separate. If that wasn't cool enough Dr.Mos went from still frame (where she took our pictures) to just a normal ultrasound and OUR BABY IS MOVING! He/She is dancing around in there doing little back flips and stretching out all over the place! And then, as if that wasn't enough to make me cry, Dr.Mos turned on the sound. Our baby has a strong and healthy heart beat of 160 beats per minute! It may have slowed down since our appointment, but at the time 160 was perfect! I will never forget that moment.

So Bryan and I went to check out and pay our huge bill only to find that Dr.Mos had told her receptionist not to charge us for this visit AT ALL! Everything we did Dr.Mos covered herself. Seriously, if anyone is looking for a really great OB, I've got a phone number for you!

Well, I'm now 12 weeks along and finally starting to feel better! I still have my bad days where I'm sick all day, but I'm finally starting to have days where I don't get sick at all or that the nausea isn't as bad. I'm so thankful for that! Bryan and I are reading this book that gives weekly advice and tells you what's going on with your body and your baby's body. Last week our baby was only the size of a small lime. This week he/she's a large plum! It cracks me up how my baby is always some sort of fruit! Anyway, Bryan and I decided to go ahead and get Cobra and just cut costs drastically. So my next appointment is going to be in about two weeks...I think it's December 12th, but I don't have my calendar and I can't remember anything without it anymore! I'll post again when I think of something new or after my next appointment!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big News

Well, we were going to wait for the three month mark, but Bryan went ahead and spilled the beans at church...and I had to tell my then we had to tell his family to be fair... ok fine! We're horrable secret keepers!
After two miscarrages and a lot of drama we're finaly pregnant and staying that way! As of today I am 10 weeks and 5 days! I will be sure to keep everyone updated as we hear any cool new news!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Since October...

Ok I know I've been the worst blogger ever, but things have been kinda crazy! Here's a quick list of updates:
1. Jessica had her baby! Welcome to the world Clayton Mitchel Jones! Clayton is one of the cutest babies EVER, and he makes the funnies little turtle and grandpa faces! I'll post pictures later!
2. Bryan was offered a promotion! His manager thought he would be a great manager for his team and put his name in for a promotion. Then she went out of town and...
3. Bryan lost his job. Experian is doing a lot of lay offs right now and unfortunately Bryan got caught doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.
4. School has gotten really busy! Just this weekend I have had an exam (actually that was Thursday, but it's still this week!), I have a five page paper due, and an art project.
5. 6th Ward is moving back to Legacy. I didn't thing this would really cause extra work for me, but you'd be surprised!
6. Work is getting pretty crazy too. We provide care for the kids in PASAR on the days that PISD is closed, but only to those parent who want it. So we've been having sign ups for Thanksgiving for the past week, and then when we get back from thanksgiving we'll have sign ups for Christmas, oh wait, I mean winter break. And right after that, but still before winter break, we'll do sign ups for MLK. We also get to have 3 parties every year, and our first one is this next week.
So I'm sorry for being a poopy blogger, but I'm hoping that things will calm down pretty soon and I'll get to update a little bit more! Oh, and if anyone knows of a job that offers decent pay, and full benefits, and that's available please feel free to let me know!