Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kewpie Doll

My mom and I were sitting on the couch the other day watching Michelle play when my mom turned to me and says "She looks like a Kewpie Doll." To which I said "No she doesn't! ... What's a Kewpie Doll?" To show me she looked up a few pics on-line and...well.. What do you think?

I think she kinda does look like a Kewpie doll!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Easter

Ok, I know Easter was almost a week ago, but this is the first chance I've had to sit down and blog so... here we go!
This year was Michelle's first Easter Bunny visit and Ryan, Daniel and Katie's last. The Easter Bunny wrote a very cute goodbye letter to them that, I have to say, looked like something he must have worked really hard on ;). I was going to attach the letter, but I wasn't too sure how many kids can log on and might have hurt feelings about it.

The Easter Bunny was very good to Michelle this year. She got a huge stuffed bunny, a pair of pajamas, 6 head bands, 2 books, bright pink shorts, a cell phone, candy (that Bryan happily ate for her), and 4 fluffy-spiky-rubber-ball things. Oh- and a name egg, of course!

She was so surprised to get her basket. It was too cute!
Once she realized that she was allowed to take the things out of the basket, she went right to it!
Once she found the cell phone it was all over!She wasn't interested in anything else!
And she's still not too excited about having a bow in her hair... but we're going to keep working on it.
After we went through our Easter basket we went out and watched the first session of conference, ate breakfast potatoes and then headed out to Nana and Grandpa Tom's house. (Nana is Grandma Lori's new name!) I was bummed because I didn't remember my camera, but she got three more Easter baskets while we were there. One from Nana, one from GG (Great Grandma Niva), and one from a friend of Nana's. She got a ton of new clothes, three or four books, bubbles, two bathing suites, shoes, and so much fun stuff! We could barely fit it all into the car to get home! While we were there though Michelle met Shannon (Nolan's girlfriend), and fell in love! She actually pulled away from Me and Bryan so she could go play with Shannon. I was so proud of her. We also had an amazing Easter first-dinner! Then we came home and had Easter second-dinner. That was really good too! After all the excitement of the day Michelle still had one basket left to open. Grandma Lynne's basket! She got a cuddle bug (pajamas), a butterfly nightlight, and a little Easter lamb. Michelle is definitely loved by everyone around her! Thank you to everyone who helped make this Easter so wonderful for Michelle. She had a lot of fun that day and even slept straight through the night that night!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quick Quote

I saw a quote the other day and thought I would share.

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain."

I really like that! I think I'm feeling a vinyl project coming on...