Monday, May 21, 2012

A Video for Daddy

Every now and then Michelle will ask to make a video on my phone to send to Bryan. She will usually say things like "I miss you Daddy." or "I really love you." They are always super sweet, and Bryan loves them! A few days ago Michelle asked to make one such video and wanted Tina to be in the video with her. What a good sister, huh?! Here's how it went:

I'm not sure how many more video's Tina will be invited to make with Michelle! Lol!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First Words

Michelle was six months old when she said her first words. Her first word was "Nigh-nigh", and was followed, after a few days by "Da-da". So, now that Tina is almost seven months we have been getting very anxious for her to start even trying to talk! I'm not sure why I have to keep learning this lesson, but, over and over again, Tina is proving to me how different my girls are. For example, Michelle rocked back and forth for a while, slowly leaned from one side to the other, and after a bunch of good tries finaly learned to roll over! Tina however, showed absolutely no interest in rolling over at all. Then, one day out of the blue, she just flipped right over! Boom! Just like that Tina was a champion roller!

The same thing happened with talking. Michelle had all her sounds worked out first. She "Goo"ed and "Gaa"ed, she "ma-ma-ma-ma"ed, and "da-da-da-da"ed, but it was pretty obvious that they were just sounds, not real words. Then, after a bunch of prompting and begging, and saying the same words over and over again, she worked her little mouth out and said, "nigh-nigh"! Then, a few days later, again after a bunch of prompting, she reached out for Bryan and said, "Da-da". Tina has shown no interest in actual words- none at all! She is a pro screech-er though! I'm pretty sure she would have fit right in with some of the dinosaurs. Well, Bryan and I have tried to get her to make those babbling sounds and she usually just stares at us like we're nuts. Until last night. I was talking to Bryan on the phone when Tina reached her little arms out and, clear as day, says "Da-da"! So, I put the phone on speaker and get Bryan's voice mail recording, and as soon as she hears Bryan's voice she screeches super loud and then says, "Da-da!"

I just about died! For the most part I was SUPER proud of her and completely amazed that she just up and decided to start talking. But, if we're being honest, there was a little part of me that wanted to pick her up and give her a stern "EXCUSE ME?!" I mean, first, Bryan wasn't even there!! He was on the phone! I was standing right in front of her!! And, on top of that, I think I deserve a little recognition here. I mean come on! I carried her for nine months, I birthed her, I feed her, I change her dirty diapers, -ME!! Bryan is a good daddy. He plays with her and makes her giggle, sure, but... really?! ....Da-da?! That's fine. I see where I rate. (lol) It's a good thing I love this little girl so much, or my feelings might really be hurt!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Family Pictures

I have had engagement pictures taken. I have had baby pictures taken. I have NEVER had family pictures taken!  So this year, after seeing so many other people's adorable family pictures, I finally broke Bryan down and got him to agree to let us pay to have pictures taken! Terah, a girl I used to work with and a wonderful photographer, took our pictures! I think they came out pretty darn good...

...don't you think?