Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Family Pictures

Before Christmas Katie took some pretty rockin' family pictures for Jessica and I. They were supposed to be for all of the siblings (Jessica, myself, Ryan, Daniel, and Katie) and our families, but between Daniel being on his mission, Ryan working crazy hours, and trying to keep it secret from the parents, it just didn't happen. The plan was to get super cute "number" pictures (see my drawn out picture and description below) and put them all in frames to give to my parents as a Christmas gift, but since everyone couldn't be there, and the communication to Daniel was, obviously, flawed, we decided to scratch that idea and just do regular pictures.  Here's the picture and instructions that I sent to Daniel, along with a fairly detailed letter explaining everything that was supposed to happen.

Here are the pictures Daniel sent back to us. Remember, we're supposed to be using these pics to edit him into our group picture....

Yep, that's my brother... dork! lol! So, like I said, we decided to nix the number idea and just do regular shots. Here are a few of my all-time favorite pics from that day!

Cami would only smile when I was holding her. That's love!!

Isn't she SO sweet?! Love my niece!

Now that is one handsome little man! Look out ladies!

All the grand-babies. Don't Tina and Cami look so happy to be there?! Lol! 

My FAVORITE family picture!

<--Grant Family/Jones Family--> Two of the greatest families EVER!

My favorite "typical" family picture.

I'm not really sure why I love this one so much, but I REALLY do! *Tiny Boots*

Cousins, and Best Friends


Even though Cami is pretty upset in this pic I still love it! My sisters really are my best friends in the world. 
Didn't Katie do an AMAZING job?! It's not easy trying to get little kids to cooperate and take a bunch of pictures, especially when it's cold out side!  Oh, and these are all BEFORE she was able to edit them! Good job Boo-boo! A+, Gold Star! Now, get ready for next year because I definitely want more of these! Next time, though, I think we'll get Mom and Dad involved so we might really get the pictures we originally planned. Ok, Peterson family, put it on your calendars, more amazing family pictures in 2013!!