Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eviction Notice

To the Current Resident of 40 Weeks in Mommy's Tummy ,

This is your final notice to vacate the premises on or before October 13, 2011. Your lease contract has ended and is officially overdue! If you have not cleared out before the 13th at 7:00am we will be forced to help you evacuate. If you have not done so by late that evening you will be forcibly removed!

Thank you for your future cooperation,
The Landlord (aka your Mother!)

That's right. I'm still pregnant. Baby girl's due date came and went with no sign or indication that she is making any effort to come meet the world. I had an appointment with Dr.Mos yesterday where I found out that she is in the right position, and I am slightly dilated, but nothing exciting was going on. So we agreed to meet again Thursday morning at 7:00am in the labor and delivery section of the hospital. Yep, we're going to get this little girl out one way or another! lol! We'll start pitocin as soon as I get there and keep our fingers crossed that my body takes the hint and finishes out the process on it's own. I fully expect to have a new beautiful baby girl to show off to the world by Thursday evening. I'm not sure why, but my children seem to think they are allowed to stay in me as long as they want. This whole 40 weeks thing doesn't seem to register with them. lol! Michelle was 5 days late, and this little one, if she doesn't come today, will be 3 days late. Seriously, what's wrong with my children?! GET OUT! *deep breath* Well, at least I'll get one more night with it being just Bryan, Michelle and I. No crying baby, no new born poopy diapers, and no nursing every 2 hours for one more night.