Monday, April 30, 2012

Tidbits about Tina

Tina is certainly growing up fast! She is 6 (almost 7) months old now, and has really changed a lot since the last time I posted about her. 

Tina Marie Grant
15 lbs. 6 oz
26 1/2" tall
(That puts her in the 50th percent for her weight, and between 75 and  90th for her height!)

She can roll over from her tummy to her back (First time was on April 8th). She has two little teeth poking through. Her bottom left was the first to come through on the 26th, and then her bottom right started poking through on the 27th. She can stand up like a champ, but doesn't really have the balance to even think about walking yet. She can also sit up on her own. Mommy is a little paranoid though and still surrounds her with pillows! She no longer gets a rash when she eats baby bananas. In fact, some of her favorite baby foods are Garden Vegetables (what a weirdo huh?!), and Banana-Plumb-Grape!! She is still a little confused about what the heck she is supposed to do with a bottle or sippy-cup; for now they make excellent teethers!

She has decided that taking baths is probably one of the most fun things in the world!

If you remember, last time I posted about Tina she HATED her car seat. She still isn't thrilled about car rides, but she sucks it up. And as long as she has a good toy, she's pretty content for most of our trips. She's still pretty bad if you're getting in and out a few times (running errands is not an option for her!), but one trip to the store and back is definitely manageable now.

There are a few things, however, that haven't changed one bit. For example, Tina has very obvious favorites within our family. She's no secret keeper when it comes to who she likes best and who can go eat dirt! Lol! Just in case you're wondering, Bryan and I have never been first on her list. Tina's absolute favorite, from day one, has always been her big sister, Michelle!

Monday, April 16, 2012


I know this is SUPER late, but I thought I should probably get it up here anyway.

I couldn't get the video of the actual Easter egg hunt to upload for some reason, but when Bryan gets home I'll have him try to help me. If we can get it figured out then I'll update this post with that video. Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bluebonnet Pictures

As many of you native Texans know, we are in the middle of bluebonnet season! And all these beautiful wildflowers can mean only one thing- Picture Time!!

Last weekend Jessica and I got together and snapped a few pictures of the kiddos in a field of bluebonnets. And, by “a few” I mean a little over 200! Jessica is a crazy fast picture taker. Which is pretty awesome when you’re dealing with little kids. We were only out there for about 15 minutes and she filled her memory card! (Which gives me a good idea for her Christmas gift this year!) So, thanks to her we got a bunch of really cute pictures of the girls, one pretty good one of all the cousins, and a few funny ones that I probably won’t share. I also have to give her a gold star for being SUPER brave and tromping out into the field to check for snakes before we unloaded the kids from the car. The grass was pretty tall so if there was a snake you wouldn’t be able to see it until you were right on top of it. Thanks for saving our lives!

I haven’t gotten back to her about which pictures I want her to edit so these are all raw shots. They’re still pretty much awesome though! Here are a few of my FAVORITE shots:

Looking at these you may think "Of course Jess got good pictures, look how happy those kids are!" But, let be real for a minute. Jess got good pictures because she's amazing! Most of the time the kids all looked like this:

So when she saw a glimmer of a smile she started snapping away, and ended up getting some amazing shots, like these:

Thanks again for taking these beautiful pictures Jess! You pretty much rock out!