Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ducks don't like Waffles

Today was such a beautiful day. Bryan and I decided that we just couldn't stay inside all day, but we didn't really want to just walk around the neighborhood either. So we grabbed some left over waffles, got dressed and headed to the duck pond. When we got there the ducks were all sleeping so Bryan had to run over and wake them up. (I wish I could have gotten my camera out fast enough to get a picture of that!) Once they were awake and in the water I sat down with Michelle in a nice little shaded area and started tearing up the waffles. Once we had a good portion in little pieces we started throwing them in. I was sitting pretty close to Michelle to make sure that I could shoo the ducks away if they got too close. But would you believe that they weren't even interested?! A few ducks came over and grabbed a few pieces and then spat them right back out! "How Rude!!" Well, we brought a bunch of waffles so we tore the rest of them up and threw them in anyway. (The fish will eat them.) Once the waffles were all gone we took Michelle for a walk around the pond and sat back under a tree to relax for a little bit. We really had a nice time.
Here's a few of my favorite pics from today:

I'm not sure why I like this picture so much... but I do.

Michelle does NOT like to walk on the grass! (Actually she wouldn't even put her foot down. It was pretty funny, if were being honest!)

It was such a beautiful day. We had a lot of fun together just sitting and throwing waffle pieces at the ducks!
Bye Bye Ducks!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Spa in My Kitchen

This month in YW I was in charge of planning the combined activity. A few weeks ago I sat down with my girls to plan it all out and we decided to do a spa night. So I started making calls to try to get things donated or severely discounted. Do you have any idea how much a simple face cream can cost?! And to try to get enough for over 30 girls... there was no way! So, like I said I started making calls. I called Bath and Body Works, Cooper Day Spa, Massage Envy, and a few other random places I came across; And would you believe that none of them were willing to donate hundreds of dollars worth of "spa materials"? Before I thew in the towel I had one more place to check- trusty old sugardoodle! Bam! I found hundreds of other ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Spa Night. There was everything from chocolate facials to tropical salt scrubs. I went through and picked out a few things that I thought sounded good and started making plans. At the last minute our spa night had to be canceled due to a few scheduling issues. We were able to move a few things around though and re-schedule for April. So I had to put all my big spa plans on hold. This actually ended up working in my favor. You see I hadn't actually tried any of these recipes that I was planning on using. Now, poor me has to try all of these spa treatments on myself in the next couple of weeks. I know- it's going to be rough! ;)

Tonight was night one of A Spa in My Kitchen. I decided to start with my hair. Here's the original recipe and what the creator had to say about it:

I honestly expected this to be a disaster, even after shampooing it out. My hair felt weird, but I went ahead and dried it anyway (without any added product). And WOW. It was outrageously soft, dangled, and shiny. I'm a believer and I think I'll do this once a month now.

Sara's Hair Superfood
I have medium length hair. If yours is long, double this recipe.

1/2 avocado
1 T mayo (not light)
1 t extra virgin olive oil
1 egg yolk

And here's what the product should look like before you put it in your hair:

Yep- I tried this. Mayo, EVOO and all! The whole time I was preparing this "Super Food for Hair" I kept thinking "and then just a pinch of salt and into the oven..." Just a little hint, do not smell this mixture before putting it into your hair. It'll make you have some serious doubts! OH, and don't be fooled by the picture. It might look nice, smooth, and thin- just like shampoo. But no. It's very thick, and no matter how much you puree it, it's gunna have chunks. Anyway, I mixed it all up, lathered it into my hair, covered it with a shower cap and waited the full 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes was up I went to the sink and eagerly washed it out. I then proceeded to the bathroom to blow dry my hair and was fully expecting to be amazed.
Was I amazed?
Yep. I was amazed at how many people recommended this recipe, how much effort it took to make and apply, and how little it did for my hair. Was my hair shinier? Maybe a little. Does it feel softer? No, not really. Does it still stink, even after using my best smelling shampoo and conditioner? Yeah, it really does! So, how would I rate this Spa-in-My-Kitchen recipe? Deal or Dud? Sorry, but for me it was a definite Dud.
I'm still looking forward to trying all my other recipes. I'm going to try an oatmeal ex-foliating facial tomorrow night. This one is going to be especially difficult for me... not to eat. The recipe sounds like something you should be eating. That is until you add the baking soda. But this will all have to wait for tomorrow! I'll let you know how it goes!

I'm really glad my Spa Night had to be re-scheduled, giving me a chance to try these recipes instead of using the YW as guinea pigs. If any of you decide to be brave and try this hair super food for yourself let me know how it turns out. Maybe my hair was just already amazingly soft and shiny and nothing else could add to it ;) who knows!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Although, it would be nice...

Ok- here's the deal with the house hunting. (and yes, this is the condensed version)

We Found A House!
We Prayed and Fasted.
We Made an Offer!
The House was Sold to the Bank.
The Seller Approved our Offer!
The bank took it's time looking over our papers.
The first "Bank Man" accepted our offer!
We pay lots of money to entice the bank to make a final acceptance.
We hire an inspector!
Bryan's company decides to be stupid.
We cancel the inspector.
We cancel our offer.
We say goodbye to our house and the $8,000 tax credit.
We talk about going on a cruise with our down payment!

So, there you go. Now here's where the "Although, it would be nice" comes in.
Although it would be nice to be in a house, things could definitely be worse!
Although it would be nice to let Michelle walk all over a clean "dog free" floor, it's not so horrible, and she doesn't seem to mind.
Although it would be nice to start trying for a second baby, we really do have our hands full with the one we have anyway!
Although it would be nice to have our own space, we couldn't be more grateful for the space that our parents have given us.
Although it would be nice to go on a seven day, all inclusive, "get away from it all", completely relaxing and all together wonderfully amazing cruise, we really should keep saving our pennies.

So for now, although it would be nice to say 'today', here's to 'someday'!

Friday, March 5, 2010

A few videos

I've been meaning to post these videos for a while, but for some reason I can't get them to load onto my laptop. Well the other day our camera's memory completely filled up so I had no choice but to unload it onto the family computer. So, here's a peak at what we've been up to lately.

The other day Michelle decided to skip her morning nap. Unfortunately that left her so tired by lunch that she was falling asleep between bites!

She can't crawl, and she doesn't even roll over unless she absolutely has no other choice, but can she walk?

Michelle had been having a little trouble in the "down there" department and it was recommended to us that we should try feeding her prunes. But, honestly, who likes prunes?! So to get her to eat Bryan turned it into a silly game!

Many of you know what an amazing pianist Daniel is, but what you might not know is that Michelle taught him everything he knows!

Well there you go! We're still alive, laughing, and loving life!