Monday, March 15, 2010

Although, it would be nice...

Ok- here's the deal with the house hunting. (and yes, this is the condensed version)

We Found A House!
We Prayed and Fasted.
We Made an Offer!
The House was Sold to the Bank.
The Seller Approved our Offer!
The bank took it's time looking over our papers.
The first "Bank Man" accepted our offer!
We pay lots of money to entice the bank to make a final acceptance.
We hire an inspector!
Bryan's company decides to be stupid.
We cancel the inspector.
We cancel our offer.
We say goodbye to our house and the $8,000 tax credit.
We talk about going on a cruise with our down payment!

So, there you go. Now here's where the "Although, it would be nice" comes in.
Although it would be nice to be in a house, things could definitely be worse!
Although it would be nice to let Michelle walk all over a clean "dog free" floor, it's not so horrible, and she doesn't seem to mind.
Although it would be nice to start trying for a second baby, we really do have our hands full with the one we have anyway!
Although it would be nice to have our own space, we couldn't be more grateful for the space that our parents have given us.
Although it would be nice to go on a seven day, all inclusive, "get away from it all", completely relaxing and all together wonderfully amazing cruise, we really should keep saving our pennies.

So for now, although it would be nice to say 'today', here's to 'someday'!


Ben and Jessica said...

Good attitude Rand. It'll happen for you guys when the time is right. Imagine if the bank hadn't taken it's sweet time and you would have been approved right away. Then you'd be in the house for a grand total of like 2 weeks, and THEN Bryan's job would have been stupid. Imagine the trouble you'd be in then! Everything happens for a reason. I'm sure of it. I say get an apartment and get crackin on kid #2!

Ryan & Keri said...

Randy, it will all come when it's supposed to. We waited for 7 years to buy our first home. And, like you said, you are in a great place right now. Hang in there.