Friday, January 21, 2011


I know it's the middle of January, but I feel like Christmas is one of those Holidays that you just HAVE to post about. (No matter how late that post is!) So here's our Christmas Post:

This year Michelle became an unwrapping pro! I'm pretty sure that was her favorite part of Christmas. Every year Bryan and I have a traditional Christmas Eve Ornament Exchange. And we give/get pretty much the same type of ornaments every year. Now that I'm explaining it the whole thing sounds pretty lame, but it's fun for us, and it's kinda a tradition so...yeah! So, every year Michelle gets a snowflake (a different kind every year), I get a Hallmark Ornament of a Polar Bear and a Penguin. I think it's called the "Buddies" series. And Bryan always get some sort of nerdy/geeky/techy ornament. This year he got a Star Trek 'Enterprise' ornament that lit up and made sounds. Michelle, of course, helped to open all three!

I recently learned how to make curly-cue bows. The first one I ever made was a Christmas bow. Apparently it was a little big because everyone kept saying it made Michelle look like a present! I didn't really believe them until Michelle got up Christmas morning, sat in front of all the other presents and I lost her! lol! Where's Michelle?!

One of Michelle's Favorite gifts that she got this year was a reading chair. She sat in it all morning reading all the new books she got.

Then I was a big dummy and left my camera at home while we went to Grandma Lynne's and Nana's house! But Michelle did have an amazing time! At Nana's and Grandpa Tom's house Michelle got enough clothes to last her the rest of the winter season! (We actually had to clean her closet out when we got home to be able to fit all the new ones in!) She also got a big fluffy ladybug pillow that she loves to play with. When we went to Grandma Lynne's house she had a blast playing with all her Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. Her favorite things from Grandma Lynne are the bubble machine and the Little People Playhouse. Bryan and I also had a really good Christmas. Bryan got a new Nook (the one that's touchscreen, color, and backlit) and I got a gift certificate to the spa! We also got a lot of things from our families, but it would just take WAY too long to list everything.
We are incredibly grateful to our families for everything that they have done for us these past few years! Thanks to my parents for giving us a roof to live under and food to eat. To Bryan's Mom and Dennis for filling two whole rooms of their house with our furniture and storage things. And to Tom and Lori for giving up their entire evening, multiple times, on a minutes notice, to take us house hunting! Thank you, Thank You! Hopefully we'll have a house of our own someday!