Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mini SD Adaptor

For my birthday last year I got this really cool new phone! This phone is really cool because it's basically a camera that just happens to do all the things a phone can do. It takes better pictures then my actual camera and is way smaller and goes with me everywhere! So, as I'm sure you have already assumed, I take most of my pictures with my phone. The problem with that is that my phone has the tiniest memory card- you have to use an adapter to load your pictures off your phone and onto a computer. So I asked my Pa, "Pa, do we have an adapter that will fit with my memory card?" "Sure." He says. So we look through the huge drawer full of adapters and connecting cords, and chargers and other miscellaneous camera/phone/computer stuff and find one that looks like it fits with my card. "Here ya go!" he says. I try to put my card in the adapter and it won't fit! "Umm, Pa? ...It doesn't fit." I said. "Let me try." He replies. Sure enough neither of us could get it to fit. "Why?" you ask. Well because my SD card is the only card in existence that requires a MINI adapter and not a MICRO adapter. "How do you know this?" you ask? Well, I know this because I have been to Fry's, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Target and could not find a MINI adapter. Found lots of micro adapters though! So, being the girl that I am, I put on my best "I'm a girl and don't know what I'm doing" face and headed to the help desk at each of these places where I asked "Do you carry any Mini adapters for this SD card?" (Showing my phone's memory card.) "No, you have to order it straight from Sony. I think they're pretty expensive too. You should probably try to use a micro card instead of a mini we carry those and they're pretty cheap in comparison." Is the basic answer that I got.

We-he-ell! Guess what geeky camera/phone/computer/help desk guys?! Amazon carries them and I just bought one for $4! SO THERE!

Moral of this story? Never accept the first, second, third, or fourth answer you get. Keep trying until you're happy with your response!

Oh, and the point? - Picture will be coming in 3 to 5 business days!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Football season!

It's finally football season again! And, for those of you who don't know me, that's doesn't usually mean a whole lot. (Get ready to boo and hiss) I'm not a Cowboys fan or really any other football team's fan either. BUT- my daughter is!

Last week we went to the Plano East Senior High football game. Katie is finally a junior and the band has a great show this year! She's super excited about it and even gets to march with her piccolo instead of flute! This is a state year for East too so that makes it just that much more exciting. Anyway- We (Bryan, Michelle and I) went to the game with my Mom, Dad, Jess, Ben and Clayton. The kids had a blast! Michelle totally got into the game too! These are a few of the pics that Jess sent me (I was a bad mom and forgot my camera)...

"See Clayton, like this...Touchdown!"
"Hey Ref! What are you looking at?! That's holding!"

"Thanks for sharing your popcorn with me Clayton! Sorry, I'm pretty sure I ate almost all of it all by myself!"

Like I said, Michelle had a blast! We'll definitely be back for as many home games as we can!