Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby Shower

It's officialy over! Jessica's baby shower was Spetember 27 and I am glad to say that it was a hit! Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. The games, as disgusting as they were, really went well. Everyone thought the poopy diapers were absolutley nasty, and so, naturaly, they had to get everyone else to play with them so they could be equaly grossed out! It was really fun! The "Guess the Gerber" game went over pretty well too. Unfortunately, some people didn't understand that the tasting spoons were only for the Gerber game, not the poopy diapers! (I think that was the funniest part or the whole shower!) We only played one organized game, The Mrs. Wright experiment, and everyone seemed more then happy to play. After the games, prizes and opening of gifts we had cake and socialized for a while. Then everyone went home... or at least they were supposed to go home. We had quite a few people not want to leave, and a few more who showed up right after the shower was supposed to end! It was lots of fun though. The one thing I learned from this shower was that, while I don't mind planning parties, I do not ever want to host one again!

Jessica's Baby BOY Cake... there's a story here. Jess and I went to get our nails done the morning of the shower and sent Ben to go pick up the cake. When Ben got back with the cake he showed us a PINK and GREEN square cake! Nothing about that was right. First of all Jess is having a boy... boy's don't get pink cakes! Second the colors of the shower were blue and brown, no green was involved! And Third, our cake was supposed to be round. Everything at the shower was round (The diaper cake, the buttons on the cake, the favor labels... everything!) Anyway, I'm sure you can imagine, but I started to freak out! So Ben went back and explained that something must have been mixed up, and thankgoodness, they had our cake ready for us in the back!

Here's the diaper cake I made. The circle on the top says "Cute as a button." It's also decorated with buttons in case you can't see themin the picture.

For favors we had a candy bar. All the candy was blue and brown. This was a big hit!

As is tradition in the Peterson family for any party, we had the chocolate fountain running, along with a few other yummy snacks!

Thank to everyone who attended! Jessica got some really neat baby gifts!