Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Car

Well, I had to do it. As much as I love my old, grandma, falling apart, crazy blue, 93 Toyota Camry, I just had to give it up. I found out about this clean air deal going on through the DFW area, and it promised $3000 for my old car if I would trade it in for a car three years old or newer. So I blue booked my old car and found out it was worth about $3,000 if it was in perfect condition... which mine was definitely not. But we don't talk bad about my car anymore. So I did a lot of research and decided that I would trade in my old car for either a Corolla, Camry, or tC. (if it was up to me I would have gotten a tC, but they're a bit more expensive) Bryan and I went to Toyota of Richardson and started talking with the worst car salesmen you could ever imagine. I hated him! After about two hours (not even kidding) the floor manager came out and asked us exactly what we were looking for. So we told him, just like we had told the other idiot so many times! And FINALLY we got a decent deal on a car. So we talked it over a little bit more and ended up with this beautiful 2006 Toyota Corolla with 19,000 miles on it for $11,300!

Isn't it pretty? It drives so fast! Our payments are super low and thanks to Bryan we got a pretty good interest rate. I was almost sick though... I actually had to go to the bathroom because I thought I was going to be sick. I'm not very good at spending a lot of money all at once. Okay, I really suck at spending a lot of money! Bryan took a picture of me while we were waiting for the finance guy... and then I took a picture of him...

See the difference? Well, now that everything is done I'm very excited about my new car and I'm feeling a little better. I'm sure by next week I'll be totally loving my car and won't feel as stressed about all the money we just spent. But I will always love my old car... and I will miss it very much! (She was a great car, and probably would have run for a lot longer, but cosmetically... she was gone!)

Goodbye old friend...

Monday, January 7, 2008

MRS. Tracey

I can't believe how beautiful Tracey looked on her wedding day! That's right Ms. Tracey Allen was married last Saturday, January 5th. The ceremony was one of the most relaxed, and funnies ceremonies I've ever been to! Tracey was laughing through the whole thing and the best man's fake out was hillarious! He acted like he forgot the ring... luckily he had it hidden on the floor! The reception was great. I only have a few minutes to put up this post before I have to go to work, but I want Tracey to know how excited Bryan and I are for your new life as a married woman!
Congratulations Tracey!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Well, December was a very busy month for Bryan and I. First there was the PASAR party, then the Christmas party on the 15th, then my birthday, Bryan's Birthday, and finally Christmas. Like I said, it was very busy in our little home last month. Oh and my sister bought her very first house! Congrats Jess!

Our PASAR party was a winter wonderland theme. We had a great time! We made smores that looked like snowmen by stacking two marshmallows on top of a square of Hershey's chocolate and that was on top of a gram cracker. We held it all together with white icing. The kids loved it! We also played a lot of games. We played one relay race where the kids had to take the activity specialist's winter clothes and dress them. It was hilarious! The poor activity specialists had their coats put on them by kindergartners (almost all of their coats were put on either backwards or upside down!). The hats that they can usually wear without messing up their hair made them all look like they had just rolled out of bed! I wish I could put pictures up here to show you! It was GREAT!!

The Christmas party was a lot of work. My mom and I worked with a few other people in our ward to put on a Christmas program that centered around Christ, not Santa. It was a "Back to Bethlehem" idea. We had the whole cultural hall decorated with a market (where the dinner was served), a gated area for the shepards and there sheep, an inn for the older members to sit in and of course a manger on the stage. The whole program went really well. We invited Bryan's mom and step dad. His mom really seemed to like it! I think Dennis liked it too, but not the same way Lynne did. After the Christmas party was finally over Bryan and I could start to think about our birthdays.

My Birthday was nothing special this year. I got flowers from a friend that I work with and my whole family either sent me a text message at two AM or called me that morning at sing a happy birthday song to me! It was really nice. Oh, and dad made me chimichongas! (I'm sure that's spelled wrong, but if you sound it out you'll know what I'm talking about!) Other than that it was just an ordinary day. Bryan's birthday was about the same. We both had to work on his birthday, but we had a fun night together. That Saturday we went over to Bryan's parent's house to have a combined birthday party with Bryan, Justin, and myself. Bryan and I got a bunch of great gifts.

Finally we were able to get to Christmas. Last year I bought Bryan a PS3. Unfortunately it broke a week or two before this Christmas so he had to send it in to Sony to get it fixed. We weren't supposed to get it back until the 27th or later, but it showed up at my parents house on Christmas eve! So I gave it to him again this year! He also got a Wii and a few games. One of the games I gave him was Guitar Hero III for his PS3. The sad thing is he put it in to play it...and couldn't get it back out! So now we have to send it back into Sony to get it fixed AGAIN! The Wii is lots of fun though. We play Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports, Zelda, and a lot of other fun games! I got a lot of great stuff too! Bryan gave me a gift certificate to the Spa and tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We went with Jess and Ben and my Mom and Dad. It was so much fun! I was blown away! I have two of there most popular CD's, but seeing them live was sooo cool! Thanks babe! I love you!

Well, that's all I have for now. I'll try to update you guys more often. And I'll try to get some pictures too!