Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chicka Chicka ABC

As many of you know I am a collector or children's books. I was looking on-line and found a board book called Chicka Chicka ABC. This happens to be a story that I have always liked, and thought it would be a great first book for Michelle. I've had it for a while, but didn't really think Michelle was old enough to enjoy it. Apparently I was wrong! Michelle likes to read, and really likes this book! We've read it so many times that I have the book memorized- this helps so that Michelle can hold the book while I recite the words on each page.

She likes it when Bryan holds her and reads to her too! She gets so in-to the book it makes me laugh. I think she gets it from her Dad ;)!

What Time Is It?!

Michelle has a very predictable schedule.

"I'm ready for bed at 8:00. I'll eat a bottle and nurse for 20min. I usually fall asleep halfway through nursing, but will keep eating while I drift in and out of sleep. I'm usually in my crib, and totally asleep by 8:30. Mom and Dad come to bed around 10:30, but I never wake up when they come in. I'm a pretty heavy sleeper. I'll stay asleep until 2:00am when Mom has to get up and feed me. I go right back asleep and don't wake up again until 5:30 or 6:00. This time I just need someone to come cover me back up because I kick my covers off through the night. Once I'm covered I'll fall back asleep until 7:30 when it's time for everyone to get up!"

She has had this schedule since she was a month old. Without fail- this was her schedule.

Then, one night last week, I woke up at 4:00am and realized Michelle hadn't woken me up yet. I panicked a little and went to check on her. When I got to her crib this is what I saw:

And she stayed that way until 6:00am! I couldn't believe it! All on her own she started sleeping through the night! Now, before you go getting all jealous you should know- this only lasted a week! The last two nights she has woken up at random times wanting to eat. I'm not sure if I should just let her fuss, or if she's going through a growth spurt and really needs to eat, but man... I sure do miss last week!


Everyone, meet Bug! Michelle LOVES Bug. He is, by far, her favorite toy. He goes with us in the car. He comes to church. He goes to the grocery store. Everywhere Michelle goes, Bug goes too!

She talks to Bug.
She gives Bug Kisses.
Michelle Loves Bug!

Bye Bye Baby Bath

Well, Michelle has officially out grown her baby bath! Not only does she like to splash with her feet, but she started wanting to control the water hose.... let's just say she wasn't the only one who needed a towel after her bath!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Benson and Claire

You may have noticed that I have added a button on my sidebar. A friend of mine posted this button on her blog and asked that everyone go and read Benson and Claire's story. My interest was peaked and I followed the link. After reading about the trials and adversity that this family has been through, and is still going through, I couldn't help but feel the need to spread their story. I'm not the kind of person that would normally do this, but for this family... my heart really goes out to them.
Bryan and I have had our share of troubles, but after hearing about Claire and Benson I can only think about how incredibly blessed we are! We have a beautiful, healthy, and happy little girl that brings us so much happiness every day! Our Father in Heaven has truly blessed us and I couldn't be more grateful! I LOVE my family!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

We don't need no stinking bumbo seat!

Michelle has been growing up so fast! She's starting to want to roll over, and sit up. She'll arc her back and push with her leg to try to roll over. Then with a little push from Bryan or I she'll flip right over onto her stomach! We are so proud of her! She'll also hold her arms straight up and start fussing untill we help her to sit up. She can sit on her own as lond as she's either holding our fingers or proped in a corner. I told Bryan we should get her a Bumbo Seat to help her lean to do it on her own. After finding out that a foam shaped seat was going to cost him $40 he exclaimed, "We don't need no stinking bumbo seat!" and proceded to make his own. He actually did a pretty good job, but it's not very portable...and usues almost all of our pillows! Here, see for yourself:

She really liked it! But I'm still going to try and convince him to shell out the $40 and get a real Bumbo Seat!

Baby Prison

Inmate #061609
Lol! Bryan and I couldn't help but think that Michelle looks like a little baby prisoner in this outfit. And the look on her face just screams "Mug Shot"! I love it!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Daniel! I can't believe one of the "babies" of our family is already 17!
And what did he get for his birthday? Car Stuff of course!

And just in case you're wondering- we had a red velvet cheese cake from cheese cake factory for his birthday cake. It's awesome! If you haven't tried it yet you really should!

And Happy Birthday Mom! No, she's not 53...or 35... I'm not sure why we did that...

So, what did mom get for her birthday? Cards and love from her family! Mom was happy because she got more cards then dad, and according to mom, that means "I win!"