Thursday, July 29, 2010

It used to be fun

Do you ever feel like updating your blog is just too much work? I used to love sitting at the computer to update and load new pictures and tell my stories, but now... it just seems like a lot of work! I made this baby book for Michelle two months ago and that took up almost all of my free time. So instead of blogging I was "blurbing" (that's the program I used for Michelle's book). After I finished that Bryan got me hooked on this book series that he has read a few times. So, again, instead of blogging I was relaxing and reading. Well, I just recently finished the series and have found myself avoiding my blog. I haven't uploaded any pictures in a long time so that's going to take a while to get organized. Plus I haven't updated in a long time so I'm not even sure where to start. Do you know how many posts it would take to get this blog caught back up? And on top of all that- I'm really not that exciting right now. There's not a whole lot that I find blog worthy. Here's my life in a nut shell:
Sometime between 6 and 8 I wake up and get Michelle out of bed. We snuggle and play on my bed for about 15min and then make our way to the bathroom where Michelle has discovered the joy of unrolling the toilet paper and flushing the toilet over and over. In a few months we might try getting her a little potty of her own- I'm thinking Christmas or Valentines Day. Anyway, we then go back to the bedroom to get a fresh diaper and a bow for her crazy hair. Then we go to the kitchen and get some breakfast. We watch Dragon Tales and a little bit of Curious George while we play with some toys. Then it's nap time. At this point it's about 9:30 or 10:00 and Michelle is able to tell me she's ready for a nap by picking out a few books and bringing them to me. We read our books, cuddle in the glider and then lay down for an hour. Around 11:00 we wake up and have some lunch. Then it's back to playing with toys and reading books. Michelle also has a new found fondness for throwing things in the trash so I usually do 3 to 4 toy rescues through out the day. We play and clean up and play some more until 2 or 3 when it's time for nap number 2. Again, we pick a few book, read, cuddle and rock, and she naps for an hour. While Michelle is napping I'm cleaning up, blog stocking, watching TV, and if it's been a particularly hard day with Michelle, enjoying some Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream. Michelle wakes up and will cuddle with me for the next 30 min or so while she gets all her sleepyness out. Then Bryan comes home and all heck breaks loose! Michelle loves to be chased and Bryan loves to do the chasing! She screams and runs and laughs; it's the cutest thing EVER! Then we have dinner some time between 6 and 7. At 7:30ish it's time for a bath. Bryan is nice enough to give Michelle her bath every night so I can "relax". However, I've decided that I need to try to be a better wife and so I spend that time getting his clothes ready for the next day and packing him a breakfast/lunch so he doesn't have to eat at the cafeteria. By 8 Michelle is out of the tub and ready to get into jammies. We get her dressed, say night night to everyone who is around, pick two books (plus The Going to Bed Book which we always read at bed time!) and head the the bedroom for more reading, cuddling, rocking and finally sleeping! Once Michelle is down Bryan and I try to spend a little time together. Then between 10 and 11 we join Michelle in the bedroom and go to sleep ourselves. Ta-Da. That's my life- everyday, it's incredibly unblog-worthy, but there it is!
So you see, I have very little drive to sit down and blog about much of anything. Then toady I went to Tawna's blog and watched a video from I've decided that I'm going to start blogging again because, while I might not see it now, I have worth and my life does too. So, here's to trying to make it fun again!