Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hailey Mae

Here she is!! In this sono I was 36 weeks and a few days along. She was already 6lbs and 4 oz. She was also taking up every inch of space she could. I have never had a sonogram where they had to literally go up onto my rib cage to get a good picture of the leg/foot, and then all the way down to the very bottom of my stomach to see her sweet little face and hands. It was pretty crazy! 
Only two more weeks till Little Miss is supposed to make her grand entrance! Bryan and I are finally starting to get ready, but we still have lots to get done. So far we have bought a new swing, and got everything down from the attic. I also have the bassinet set up and ready to go, but that's about it. We still need to wash and hang all the newborn clothes, pack a hospital bag, and quite a few other things. Honestly, I'm still not too worried about it. It will get done when it gets done. I have another doctor's appointment today so we'll see what Dr. Mos has to say about me coming early. If she gives me the "any day now" speech then I'll probably come home and get my hospital bag packed. If she starts talking about inducing on the 27th though.... yeah, I'll probably stick to my "it'll happen when I get to it" schedule.
I have a sweet friend who has decided to throw me a baby shower this Saturday. I wasn't planning on having one simply because, not only is this my third baby, but it's my third baby GIRL. So, there really isn't a whole lot that I need. I have a bazillion outfits, and tons of the necessities (burp cloths/bottles/passies/blankets/etc.). However, I'll never turn down a chance to hang out with friends, eat some cake, and walk away with a few goodies. It may sound lame, but I'm hoping to get diapers and gift cards. We already have a box of newborn and a small package of preemies, but any Mom will tell you, you're gunna need more! Lol! No matter how many you have, you're gunna need more!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Baby #3

I promised a baby post to update everyone on what has been going on so far, so here it is! To be totally honest I haven't been keeping very good track of this pregnancy. I'm not even 100% sure how far along I am right now. Every time someone asks me I have to check a calendar and count down from my due date! I think part of the reason for that is because this is my third baby and it's just not as exciting as the first time. The main reason though is probably because this has been the easiest pregnancy I've ever had!
The first few weeks flew by! Seriously, I was 8 weeks and then 12 weeks before I had really even accepted the fact that I was not only pregnant but staying that way! Let me clarify... I have two beautiful daughters, but have been pregnant SEVEN times. I was pregnant 2 times before Michelle, and twice before Tina. So I honestly didn't expect this pregnancy to work out. On top of that I have always had pretty bad morning sickness. I remember having to pull over while driving so that I could... be sick. This time, though, there was barely any sickness at all. I honestly think I could count on one hand the number of times I was "sick" during this pregnancy. I was in my second trimester before I knew it!
My second trimester is usually when my back starts to hurt and my feet start to swell. Once again, I flew through it. Things had been SOOO easy and SO different this time that I was absolutely certain that I was having a boy. Bryan and I have had a boy name picked out since we got pregnant that very first time and have been just waiting to use it. I was so excited to finally get to go to the blue section of baby clothes! I even stopped organizing the girls old clothes because I knew that I wouldn't be using them again. So, you can imagine my surprise when I went in for that 20 week sonogram and found out that I was having a GIRL!! I wouldn't say that I was disappointed as much as shocked. Now that I've had time to process it and get it through my head that I really am having a girl I've started to look at positives. I already have a TON of clothes, we really won't have to buy many new items at all (hooter hider/car seat cover/bedding/etc.). Plus, Bryan is an amazing Daddy for girls and I do kind of like girly things (dress up/pedicures/hair do's). So, while I'm sad that I probably won't get to go to any little league games, or send Bryan on Father-Son camp outs, or any of that fun typical boy stuff, I am pretty happy to be having another little princess. (Let's be honest though, my fingers are still crossed that a little boy shows up in the delivery room ;)
So, I am now officially in my third trimester, and am just now starting to feel pregnant. Not in any major ways though. It's still be pretty dang easy. For example, I usually fail the first glucose test and have to go back and do the three hour test, but not this time. I passed it the first time! The only way I really know that I'm pregnant is because my stomach is getting pretty whale-ish (lol!), and I can feel her kicking me. Every now and then she'll give me a Super Man powered punch or kick, but it's never enough to wake me up while I'm sleeping or to really bother me in any way. Like I said- E.A.S.Y. I'm not too tired, I can still keep up with my littles, I don't have any real aversions to food (I couldn't eat meat with Tina), my body is handling it just fine (no back problems, or feet swelling). The ONLY bad pregnancy symptoms I have experienced have been the heightened sense of smell, which sucks when you have a little one still in diapers, and I get headaches every now and then. Other than that.... I wouldn't even know I was pregnant!
I mentioned earlier that we had a boy name picked out, but we hadn't even thought about girl names. We started making a list and had quite a few names that we liked, but none that we really loved. We were tossing around names like Sarah, Megan, Rachel, and Kalyn. The problem was we couldn't come up with middle names for any of them, and none of them really felt quite right. Well, one day Bryan was driving home with Michelle and decided to ask her.
"Michelle, what do you think we should name the new baby?"
"Oh, my new sister's name is Haley."
And there you have it! Bryan fell in love with the name and was able to come up with a perfect middle name instantly. When he got home he asked me what I thought of the name Haley (Hay-Lee), and then asked what I thought of using the middle name of Mae. After saying the name once or twice I just couldn't shake the "I kinda love that" feeling. So, we are still debating on the spelling of the name (I like Haley Mae, Bryan likes Hailey May), but we are pretty set on that name.
So, here are the stats as of right now:
I am 28 Weeks
She weighs about 2 1/4 lbs
She is around 14 or 15 inches
All that's left at this point is for her to get all chubby and cute, and hopefully to grow a little more hair! Lol!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Quick Catch-up

This has been one crazy year so far! My last update was back in January, which means I have six months of updating to do! Don't worry, I'll make sure it's full of pictures!

 For Christmas this year Bryan got a grill! He's been so excited about it, and has big plans to make lots of yummy food, but so far we've stuck to burgers and dogs. They have been very delish though!
 Michelle was sailing her way through preschool. She is such a smarty pants! It didn't matter what I challenged her with she blew through it like it was nothing!

 January also gave us quite a few snow days. The girls were loving it! I especially loved dressing them up in their matching red coats! So CUTE!
 As one of Michelle's Christmas gifts she got coupons for "Special Nights". She gets to pick a different coupon every month, and then we will do something special and over the top for that family day. In January she picked the Movie Night card. This is what we did...
Michelle wanted to watch Tangled so we centered the whole night around that movie.
We had dinner at the Snuggly Duckling. Don't my artistic skill rock?! Lol!
 While we ate we listened to the movie's soundtrack.
I also decorated a little with the purple sun banner that you see in the village celebration scene of the movie.
 For dinner we had angel Hair spaghetti, and braided bread sticks. We also had apple juice from Maximus' apples, and a green salad to represent Pascal. 
 After dinner the girls got their movie tickets and a voucher for popcorn! 
 Then we all sat down on the floor, which was covered with blankets and pillows of course, and watched Tangled. It was a really fun night!

 For Valentine's Day Bryan took the girls out on a hot date! They went to Chick-fil-A for a special Daddy-daughter night. The girls had a blast! They got to play in the play-place, go for a carriage ride, and even got flowers and a goodie bag before they left. Bryan is such a good Daddy!
 This picture is in here because I love it... that's pretty much it. 
 We also had Clayton and Cami over and decorate heart cookies for Valentine's day.
 Cami thought the frosting was especially yummy! Lol! 


 We announced some pretty big news in March...
 ...but I'll do a separate post about all that! ;)
Our special night in March was a family camp-out! It was raining and pretty windy that night so Bryan took all the furniture out of the living room and set up the tent for us inside. 
 We broke out the camping chairs, and sparked a "fire". For dinner we had hot dogs and chips. 
 Then we roasted marshmallows over our camp fire. 
 We took tubs in the "lake" and headed back into the tent to play with flashlights and tell spooky stories.
 Michelle even held the flashlight under her face to make it especially spooky! 

 Grandpa came over this month and helped Michelle plant some daisies and a tomato plant. Michelle loves to grow things so this was pretty special for her to do with Grandpa.
 She was also invited to her first birthday party. It was a princess party so, of course, she loved every minute of it! 

 We took our family vacation in May. After a few months of planning, we packed up the car, and headed down to Sea World in San Antonio! 
 Day one was perfect weather! We got to the park and fed the ducks, and then headed out to see a few of the shows.
 It was so fun to see the girls faces light up as they saw dolphins jumping through the air, and people swimming with whales. 

 The girls were even great sports when they got splashed by Shamu. To be honest though, Bryan was the one who was a really good sport- he got SOAKED! Lol!
 Day two was full of seeing the animals up close. Our first stop was to feed the dolphins where Michelle even got to pet one! It was pretty dang awesome.

 Tina wasn't too thrilled about feeding dead fish to the dolphins, but I think she still had fun.
 To get Tina back into the spirit of Sea World we stopped at the aquarium. She LOVED it!! Seeing sting rays, sharks, and tons of different kinds of ocean animals was definitely the highlight of the trip for her.
 We also spent a good amount of time at the Bay of Play. It's the Sesame Street area of the park, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has kids!
 The girls even got to meet Abbi Kadabi and Grover! 

 It was an amazing trip! We will do it again for sure!

 Happy Birthday Michelle!
 This year Michelle got to have a bunch of her friends over for her birthday party. It was all Mermaids and Under the Sea themed.
 We made fish sun catchers...
 played in the "ocean" (You can see it, but Bryan and I decorated the ceiling with tons of streamers to give the "under the sea" effect.)

 and even broke open a pinata! 
 ...well, they tried to break it open. That was one tough pinata though, so we let Daddy take a few swings to get it to bust.
 everyone got LOTS of candy!
 Then we sang happy birthday and ate cupcakes.
 After that we headed outside to play in the sprinklers and the pool.

 The kids were pretty exhausted at this point so we came back inside to open presents and watch The Little Mermaid.
 Happy birthday baby girl!

And that brings us back to today! I'll post another update with more info about baby #3, and a few other things in a later post. I think this one is long enough though! ;)