Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Boy or Girl

Ok, I totally forgot to post about our last appointment! I think the reason I forgot was because it was kinda uneventful. (in our case that is wonderful news!) So we went in and were able to hear his/her little heart beat again. Bryan and I were both totally freaked out at first though because we couldn't find the heart beat. So for a good minute or two it was just silence in the room. And when you're waiting to hear your baby's heart beat two minutes is a LONG time! Well, everything was fine; our baby was just moving around a lot so it was hard to get him/her to stay still long enough to find the right position. We went from 160 beats per minute to (at the last visit) 140 beats per minute. Which is "totally normal and right on track"! I love those words! After that we kinda just sat in the room and talked for a few minutes. Bryan and I were very excited to find out that at our next appointment we get to find out boy or GIRL!
I definitely want a girl, and Bryan definitely wants a boy. I want a girl first mainly because they're more fun to dress up and you can buy a lot of cutsie things that you can't really do for boys. My secondary reasons are: to give my parents one grandson (Clayton) and one granddaughter! Also, if we have a girl first then she will be able to babysit our other children when they get older. So as you can see- girl first would be WAY better! Now here's Bryan to give his reason's for a boy... Ok guys, first of all boys are cooler. You get to play rough with them later on and when they grow up they'll be protective of our younger children. Now I know Randi says that girls are more fun to dress up but you can buy more fun stuff for boys like toy ray guns and footballs and stuff. Where's the fun in buying doll houses and Malibu Barbies? Those are my reasons at least, here's Randi back... Lol, did you catch all that? Either way we will both be very happy! But- until January 8th, according to me it's a girl, according to Bryan it's a boy!