Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Michelle's World

I have one of the sweetest...



Little girls on the planet! These are just a few of the fun things I've heard Michelle say today:

"Come here fly! You need to be killed! You are not supposed to be in my house, so just hold still so I can kill you!" (She shouted this one while running around the living room with a fly-swatter.)

"Mommy, my playroom is a mess again! This is not supposed to happen... Playroom, you are supposed to be cleaned up!" (Pretty obvious, but we went to clean up and she ended up playing again as soon as we were done.)

"Tina, hold still so I can shoot you. It will only hurt for a minute. You can be brave!" (This was said while playing doctor. Michelle was attempting to give her sister a fake shot.)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Michelle

I'm not sure what it was about this birthday but I really wanted it to be special for Michelle. Maybe it's the "I have two kids now and can't give you all the attention I used to" guilt. Or, maybe it's because of all the awesome birthday inspiration there is on Pinterest. Whatever the reason, I had made up my mind that Michelle would get an awesome birthday this year! 

To start her day off right Bryan and I blew up a bunch of balloons and strung them up right out side her door. That way when she woke up the next morning she would know, right away, that today was going to be awesome!

Both girls thought it was pretty fun.

Michelle had a full morning of playing and being crazy with her Dad, and since we were expecting to see a lot of family that afternoon we decided to have a quick tub before nap time. Michelle thought that was SO fun! I really don't understand why this bath was so much cooler then her normal baths, but to her, it was pretty much amazing.

The original plan for her party was to meet at Celebration Park in Allen and claim two pick-nic tables for all of her party stuff. I even called a few weeks in advance to reserve the tables, but after finding out that it was going to cost $80/hour with a two hour minimum- we opted to take our chances. Well, it turned out that everyone and their grandma decided to do the exact same thing! I'm glad I got there early to set up because, not only was every singe pavillion and table taken, but there were people popping up card tables, and folding chairs to set up even more birthday parties! IT. WAS. NUTS. So I called my mom and, being the amazing mom that she is, she got her house cleaned up super-fast and let us hold the party there. 

While, Michelle was pretty bummed about not being able to go to the "swimming park" (that's what she calls it), she got over it pretty quick once she saw her cake and all the other rainbow stuff we had set up and ready for her.

Plus, I think it put everyone in a better mood to be inside in the AC rather then outside in the 101* weather. (Gotta love Texas summers!) 

Yep, she got some pretty cool stuff this year! 

Thank you to everyone who came and made Michelle's day so special! She LOVED all of her gifts! I'm pretty sure we play Hi-Ho Cherry-o on a daily basis. She gets so excited to use all of her Color-wonder stuff at church on Sundays, and Play-Doh.... oh what do I say about the play-doh... Michelle sure does love it!

After the cake was cut and food was served everyone hung out and had some good ol' family time! And what would family time be if we didn't snap a picture of me and two of my best friends in the world.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on the blog yet, but Michelle has decided that she is going to be a doctor when she grows up. I'm okay with that.

If you're ever feeling down, come see Michelle; she gives the BEST check-ups!

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

P.S.- My dad was playing with my camera and took this shot of a few balloons that were still hanging around after the party was over... I thought it was a neat picture.... so I put it on here.... yep.

Monday, June 11, 2012


So, before Daniel left for his Mission I was planning a pretty sweet Men In Black themed birthday party for him. As part of the party I was re-writing some of the lyrics of the original MIB song by Will Smith. It turns out a few other people have done this as well so I took a few of their lyrics when I couldn't figure out my own. Anyway, it ended up like this...

We are your best, last, and only line of  offense.
We work with power, we exist by authority.
And we dress in black.

The good guys dress in black, remember that
On a bike, car, bus, we make contact
The title held by me: MISSIONARY
Teaching with great power and authority

You know we won’t cruise, or the spirit’s gone
Conservative suits with the Wembley ties on
Walking urgent, with a purpose
Eating up all of the members’ surplus

And yo, we ain’t got no strings attached.
Our flaxen cords are cut so we don’t detract
See something cute, turn our back
Cause we’re keeping holy where the MIB’s are at

Now from the hottest of Tempe‘s streets
On the horizon white shirts enter the sight tight
Faithful men, 10 on a scale of 10
And then like BOOM white shirts fill the room up

With the quickness talk with the Witnesses
Confounding, and astounding
Testimonies strong tear down doctrine wrong
Ain’t no anti-cheese, can I please

Learn what we teach, that’s the way we kick it
Know what I mean?
I see all my commitments getting wicked on ya
We’re you’re best, last, and only line of offense against the worst scum of the universe

So don’t fear us – hear us!
If you ever get near us you’ll see that we’re fearless
MIB’s leading up all your pack
“What’s that stand for?” Men in Black.

Alright, check it, let me tell you this in closing
I know we might seem imposing
But trust me – if we ever come your direction
Believe me – it’s for your own election

We don’t be teaching what we need not teach
And we don’t be speaking what we need not speak
So come unto Christ, cut this apostate crap
Show love to the black suit, cause that’s the Men in Black.

Then, just last weekend, Bryan and I went to see Men In Black 3. The song at the end of the credits caught my attention right away! I still had to change some of the lyrics, but a lot of them actually worked just the way they were. It's not the whoe song, but this song wasn't written by Will Smith so... it just wasn't as clean, and that made it a little more difficult to work with. So, here's the two main verses (my missionary version)...

Black suits, white shirts, black glasses with a matching tie
Like Elder P or Elder K, and I wish the whole world would
Understand what we understood
Ok, I’m tryin' make our world make a little sense
I’m a go-getter, mover, shaker, culture, bury a boarder, record-breaker won’t cha
Give credit where credit is due don’t cha
Know that we come, not as one, always there’s two
Y'all just got halfway thoughts
Not sure how to make up your mind
But to understand the future we have to go back in time

He got the globe, yeah, in the palm of His hand
Wherever He spin it, that's where I land
Let’s save the world
Men In Black I know you understand
Stop the movement, they can try if they want to
We can’t be stopped, we’re too strong for you-know-who
What it solves is meant for all to know
Took like jigsaw and built it all
From the bottom up, we can explain it all
Y'all just got halfway thoughts
Not sure how to make up your mind
But to understand the future, we have to go back in time!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Recipes, Tricks, and Lots of Growing Up!

I have a LOT to catch up on! In my defense I've been doing a LOT of updating on Daniel's blog. After you finish up here you should hop over there and check it out. The boy has been busy! 

WARNING- this post is in no particular order, and is LOADED with pictures!

Sunday is becoming a favorite day in the Grant household. Michelle LOVES going to nursery and especially loves fast Sundays when she can go up to the microphone and bare her testimony. It really is so precious! She is growing up so fast it kills me!

One of the absolute best recipes I've tried lately has been a steal from Pinterest. It's super simple and SO yummy! All you do is buy a refrigerated pack of pizza dough, roll it out, fill it with whatever breakfast ingredients you like (we chose eggs, cheese, salsa, bacon and sausage), and bake! YUM!! This one is going in the recipe book for sure!

I think I already have this picture posted on here from a little while ago, but I just love it! One of Tina's favorite things in the whole world is taking a bath! And now she's big enough that she can sit in the tub and take a bath with Michelle! The girls both think it's so fun to be in the tub together!



Ta-Da! Lol, Tina is a pro flipper now! She still won't do it more then once without getting really mad, but we're still super proud of her.

A few weeks ago we have a pretty big storm pass through our neighborhood. It was big enough that it knocked our entire fence down! After a few trips to Lowes and some MAJOR help from our handy-dandy- brother-in-law, Ben, Michelle was able to get it back up and lookin' good!

 Oh, yeah, Bryan was there too. ; p Just kidding babe! Bryan did an AWESOME job digging out all the old rotten posts, replacing them with shiny new metal posts and piecing the whole thing back together. 

 Tina doesn't really understand the whole sippy thing. She does love to drink out of cups though. I'm still not quite sure how of even if I should fix this problem.

We have recently celebrated LOTS of birthday's! Unfortunately, the only picture I have of any of them is this one. Yay, for Grandma Lynne's birthday! It was a very fun night. (P.S.- Michelle colored big sheets of paper and I cut the letters out of it to make that banner.) As soon as I get my phone back in working order I will have more picture to post of everyone else's birthdays. 

It turns out that our bushes outside flower! I think we cut them back a little too soon last year so we didn't get to see the flowers. AND the flowers that they produce smell wonderful! AND they attract tons and tons of butterflies! I'm not sure how many you can see in this picture, but there most have been a least 30 butterflies on each bush! It was an awesome sight! Needless to say, we won't be ripping these bushes out like I had originally planned. 

Speaking of things flowering that I NEVER thought would flower... My Alyssums are finally starting to bloom! I honestly thought they would just grow leaves forever and never sprout flowers. So, I'm very excited!!

Remember this beautiful little girl? Remember how little and sweet and innocent she is? Well, she's still all of those things, but one major thing has changed...

Michelle had her very first hair cut! One Tuesday, May 29, 2012 Michelle went in to see Erica and had 2" cut off from her hair! I was a nervous wreck... and I almost cried. I kept it together though, and Michelle was a prefect client for Erica! She sat very still, looked down when she was told, and really did a great job! Since both of us were so brave we decided that we deserved a special treat. So after we left we headed to Sonic and got some yummy slushes! 

I love my family so much I can't put it into words.