Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Get ready for picture overload! We took a trip to the Dallas Zoo on Monday and had a GREAT time! I've been bugging Bryan about "making memories" while the girls are still young, and this trip is one that we will remember for a long time!
This first picture is my favorite one of the whole day.There was a fountain right at the entrance of a bunch of baby elephants playing.
Remember, I did warn you about picture overload. Ok, here we go...

Michelle was petting the baby gorilla. So sweet!

I'm not sure what this silly monkey was doing. I think he was trying to make a nest out of some hay. But he kept scooting around on his butt and dragging this bunch of hay with him.
"Run, Zebra, Ruuun!"
Tina had a blast on the monorail!
Just FYI, there's no food or drink on the mono rail... unless you're a hungry two year old named Michelle and you have a Mommy that lets you break the rules! (I know, "not being a very good example mommy!")

Michelle got to feed the Giraffes! It was so cool!

After a great morning we stopped for some yummy lunch.
This was our view from our lunch table. In case you can't tell, those are Lions!
Tina was a trooper the whole time! She did great being traded from Bryan to me to her car seat all day!
Our last stop was to the Children's Zoo section. It's basically a farm where you can touch/feed/ride/whatever!

No worries, this little lamb was SUPER strong! lol, j/k it's a statue!

There was also a little playground in the middle of the Children's Zoo area.
As a special "last thing" Michelle got to ride on the carousel. She had. a. blast!
The girls didn't last long once we got into the car.
It really was such a great day! Memories made!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentines Day Party

This year for Valentines Day we got the cousins together and had a mini Valentines Party! Clayton and Michelle decorated sugar cookies and made Valentines for their Daddy's!

They did such a good job decorating their cookies!

They used frosting....

LOTS of frosting!

And they used sprinkles...

LOTS of sprinkles!

They used stamps, crayons, and glitter to make their valentines. They did a wonderful job with those too! But, glitter was involved, so I didn't get to snap any pictures... if you're a mom you understand why! lol!

Here are Clayton's Valentine Masterpieces,

and here are Michelle's... plus Daddy's gifts.
Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope yours was as fun as ours!