Tuesday, February 26, 2008


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Well, Jessica tagged me a while ago with a purse content tag... unfortunately for you I'm a pretty organized person so my purse is also organized. So, in my purse, I have:

My wallet
a 3oz. Berry Crush lotion from Ulta
2 rubber bands (One black and one brown)
My keys
2 Pens (One black and one blue)
Chap stick
Lip gloss
PISD Badge
Cell Phone
and depending on what I'm doing or where I'm going I'll take my camera.

So that's it...nothing fun or exciting, I'm just a little bit too OCD for that.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Matie Kay

I just changed my background to this one from Matie Kay. I love her stuff! This is her Teacher layout. What do you think? I'm not sure about all the colors...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sweet Spirit

Have you every told someone that they had a sweet spirit? It's one of those compliments you give when you can't think of anything else nice to say about a person. Well guess what... I took a quiz to see "what makes me Amazing" and look at the result- I could cry!

Take this test!
Have a heart? You certainly do. Thoughtful and warm, you make other people feel at ease and welcome whether you're hosting a party or just attending it. You can't help it — you're a sweetheart who's a great friend to just about everyone.

Sincere and kindhearted, you look out for those you love and will often put the needs of others before your own. It's no surprise friends and family look to you for advice and a shoulder to lean on. Helping other people makes you happy. That's the best super power any hero could have!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Really JUST Sick

Well family, you can all stop freaking out now!
I hope you all feel better. I know Bryan will. That's right world I am NOT pregnant!! So here's the story...

For the past few days I have been feeling kinda yucky, but it was off and on. I feel sick, and then a few minutes later I'm all better. Then today I was complaining about how my appartment stank and made Bryan go get my mom's carpet cleaner. I have also been getting random headaches and feeling dizzy every now and then. So Bryan and I resolved that I would be calling the doctor on Monday. Today (Sunday) I was still not feeling well so I stayed home from church. Well, apparently as soon as word got out that I was sick my whole family started playing around with the idea that I was pregnant! The fact that I'm on the pill obviously means very little. So anyway, there's my story about why I am taking a pregnancy test. Everyone can take a deep breath and relax now! I am, however, still feeling yucky so I will be going to the doctor sometime this week!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

January Update

January is over and a lot has happened that I meant to blog about, but never did! So here it goes...

Every Sunday my whole family meets at my parents house and we have dinner together. On this particular Sunday I had brought my computer over to help mom with some issues that she was having on her computer! Anyway, both computers were set up on the bar and then left alone for a while. After dinner Jess and I started talking about how to do things on our blogs and decided to try and figgure somethings out. So I sat down and started blogging on my computer and she started blogging on my mom's computer. My dad thought this was very funny and decided to snap a quick pic.

A few weeks ago PISD got a day off for MLK day. This meant that I didn't have school or work, Katie didn't have school, and because it was a national holiday Jess didn't have to go in to work either! So we all decided that we would go up to Jess's new house and help out with some painting. Unfortunately, mom still had to work! So we all met at BJ's for a girls only lunch and then headed out to work on the house while mom went back to work. Jess has all the pictures of us at her house, but it was fun working with her and Katie!

Bryan and I have been a little "on-edge" lately and we've been taking it out on each other. It seemed as though every time we spoke we were arguing. The love was deffinately gone! After I noticed that we were being this way towards each other I brough tit up to Bryan. Here's how that conversation went:
Randi: "Bryan, have you noticed that every conversation we have ends up in a fight?"
Bryan: "No it doesn't."
Randi: "Yes it does, we've been fighting a lot!"
Bryan: "No we haven't, you're exagerating things."
So you see, EVERY conversation turned into a fight! To try and fix things I did for Bryan what I had been wanting him to do for me. I went out of my way to try and do nice things for him and compliment him when ever I could. Then day after the above conversation I unloaded the dishwasher for him. This is usualy his job, and he hates doing it! I also gave him lots of extra love... if you know what I mean! I had also been dropping lots of hints about tulips that were on sale at Tom Thumb. A few days later I found these sitting on our dinning room table!

Aren't they beautiful?! Bryan and I are talking a lot nicer to each other and have figgured out why we weren't getting along before. It feels good to be back in love!

Well, that's been my January! I left a few things out, but those things are what caused the strain between Bryan and I so I'm try to not think about them! Let's just say buying a car wasn't as simple as we thought! I'm sure I'll have lots more to write about this coming month! Especially with Valentines day coming up!