Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Guard Dog

We have noticed something a little odd about our puppy. He's a little bit of a guard dog. The problem is he doesn't guard the house when we're gone, or us while we're on a walk. Instead he's decided to guard the bathroom door while someone is in the bathroom.
Anytime someone goes to the bathroom he'll follow you to the door and then turn around and lay down in front of the door until you come back out. At first I thought it was just when Bryan went to the bathroom, but then that night Bryan caught Jack doing it when I was in there!
What a weird little dog!

Bryan's Day Off

A few weeks ago Bryan and I decided to take the day off together. It was such a great day! Even though Bryan and I are both young and don't have any kids YET, we seem to be so busy all the time. We both have class Monday night after work until 10:00, I have class on Tuesday and Thursdays, and he has class again Saturday morning until 12:00. So to have a full day where we could both just be together was really nice!

First thing in the morning we went out and did a little shopping. Bryan is always so good about not making me carry any of the heavy stuff up the stairs. We live on the third floor so he always has me load him up as much as I can and then he'll run up and try to beat me to the door. He's such a good guy!
After shopping we went out to a movie. It was really weird because we were the only ones in the whole theatre! After the movie started a few other people trickled in, but there were literally no more then 15 people the whole time.

After the movie we went home and took Jack for a long walk. I love to go on walks with Bryan and Jack. It gives Bryan and I time to talk about what's been going on in our separate lives. He usually tells me how much he hates work, and I'll tell him about all the drama at my work. When we got home from our walk jack immediately pooped out in the middle of the living room. Bryan and I started to watch TV, but he only lasted about 10min before he fell asleep too.

To finish up the day I started on dinner while Bryan started to fill our dining room table with this computer parts. He's pretty good at up grading his computer so we don't have to keep buying a new one just to keep up with "the coolest new thing". He shares this disease with my dad... they have to have the best, newest, and most expensive piece of technology available to them. Luckily, Bryan is also big on have a savings account. So he'll compromise with me and just upgrade what he already has instead of buying a whole new computer.Bryan and I had such a great day together. I hope we can take more days like this to just spend time together. I would highly recommend taking a date day with your husband at least once every few months!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

Well a lot has been going on that I have meant to post about and just haven't! I'll probably end up breaking it up into a few different posts though. Plus my last few post have been pretty pictureless so I intend to make up for it here...

First of all, Happy Easter! Bryan and I had a great Easter together! I know we are both adults and no longer believe in the Easter Bunny, but some how he still finds us! We celebrated Easter with baskets and an egg hunt just like every family should! We just do things a little different...

In Bryan's basket he go a book that he saw at Jess and Ben's and decided that he just had to have! It's called What Your Poo is Telling You... I don't even know what to say to justify him getting that book. I can tell you that the "Easter bunny" was extremely embarrassed when she had to ask someone to help her find that book! Anyway, he also got the new Stargate movie, and huge blueberry muffins from Sam's.

In my basket I also got a book. Mine is called You Are Special by Max Lucado. I LOVE his books! When I was in Sister Kari Tolle's YW class she read this book to us and I have been dying to get it ever since! "Thank you Easter bunny!"I also got this really cool figure of a pregnant women. I actually bought the same thing for Jessica just a few days before Easter so I guess that's one more thing that we both have!

Jack had a GREAT Easter. Bryan filled some plastic eggs with his favorite doggie treats and we hid them all over the living room. I was amazed at how quickly he found them all. I was also very surprised to find that he could open the eggs on his own and get his treat out all by himself! (This is good to know for future egg hunts when the eggs will be filled with things that are not for puppies!)

He found them hidden under his toy basket...
...under the dinning room table...
...up on Bryan's chair...
...although that one took some thinking about how to get it down!It was way cute!

After a nice breakfast we left for church and taught the Easter lesson to our sunbeams. For those of you who don't know sunbeams are the class of 3 or 4 year old children. So was talked about the REAL meaning of Easter and when we were really celebrating. After the lesson we had each of the kids tell "Brother Bryan" what Easter was really for and if they were right they could get a treat. WELL... I'm not sure if parents would freak out about their kids names being on the Internet so I won't say who, but we had some of the funniest things! The word we were trying to get them to say was resurrection, but it rarely came out that way. My two favorites were from a little boy and a little girl. The little boy told Bryan that Easter was about "The resur-rectum of Jesus Christ"! The other girl kept say that "today is Easter-rection"! I swear these are some of the funniest kids I've taught in a long time!
When church was over Bryan and I went home and changed and then met over at mom and dad for a big "Easter" dinner. It was really more like a mini thanksgiving though. We had turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and rolls. It was delish!
I hope everyone else had as much fun on Easter as Bryan and I did.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Secrets Secrets...

I'm sure almost all of you know by now, but I have to post about it anyway... Jess and Ben are expecting! Jessica finally decided to announce it so I'm allowed to talk about it now. Yes, she was the friend that I referred to earlier (you are all just too smart for me!).

As most of you know when I got engaged my family was totally excited for me... for a few weeks. Then Jessica got engaged and they were totally excited for US. The same thing happened when we got married, it seemed like she was going through the temple just as I was getting back from my honey moon! So you can imagine our reactions when I announced that I was pregnant and then a week later she announced that she was also pregnant! I guess we just have to do everything together! ! My first reaction to her announcement was shock, disbelief, and "I can't believe your doing this AGAIN!". But that only lasted about 30 seconds until I realized what it means for us to be so close. This time I'm very glad we are going through it together! When you get married at the same time there's quite a bit of...what's the word..."dislike" for the other person stealing part of "your day". But with this I couldn't be happier! After our kids are born we can have mothers day out together, count on each other to babysit, lose our baby weight together and as an added bonus- our kids will get to grow up together! They'll start school at the same time, start dating around the same time, graduate together and all that good stuff! I'm so excited!

Jess is two weeks further along then I am so it's nice and kind of scary to see what I can expect in the next few weeks! Although we are a great example of how each pregnancy is different. She's sick all the time and I only get nauseous once or twice a day (on a bad day). While she's eating every few hours I have to force myself to eat! (Everything sounds yucky right now... I have "anti-cravings"!)

I have an appointment next Thursday... hopefully I'll have something new to post then! But until then remember (Jessica Renea) "secrets, secrets, are no fun!"

Friday, March 14, 2008

New Background

Ok my friends... I have now spent a good hour and a half searching through a million horrible websites trying to find a new background for my blog. I am officially giving up (for tonight). Does anyone have any advice??

My Best Friend

Well, I have more exciting news! I just recently found out that one of my best friends is also pregnant! What's more exciting is that we are only two weeks apart. It will be so nice to have my baby be so close in age with her baby. She's not ready to announce it to the world yet, so I won't take that from her. But I want to wish her congrats, and good luck!

Bryan and I are going to my first baby doctor appointment on Tuesday. I'm not sure what to expect because... from everything I've read my baby is the size of a pinto bean right now, and looks something like an alien fish! I am glad to be going though. I haven't been very sick and that worries me a little bit. I've read a bunch of articles about women who don't get sick at the beginning and some of the stories didn't have very happy endings. I have been reassured by a few women that didn't have major physical symptoms, and their children turned out very healthy and happy. It just makes me nervous! Anyway, it's past two so I have to get to work! I'll update again soon!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Exciting News

I'm sure you all remember that post that said "Sometimes JUST sick". I took a pregnancy test and it came up negative. I went to the doctor and her test came out negative too. So we all assumed that my dizziness, nausea, headaches, and tiredness was all due to stress. WELL, we were all wrong! As of March 5, 2008 I am six weeks PREGNANT! Bryan and I are so excited! But at the same time we are scared to death. I am a planner and need things to go according to my schedule. Bryan and I have been saving for a house and are still planning on moving into a house, but now need to start REALLY saving for this baby. So for all of you who are wondering, yes we were on the pill and yes we got pregnant...somehow! Right now I don't have any "morning sickness" (I'm counting my blessings) I'm just tired, but I've been tired for the past month so I'm used to it! Now, I know that some women look totally cute when they are pregnant, and some look fat, bloated and ugly... I'm praying that I'm the cute type of pregnant! Anyway, "we" are due November 8th. I'll continue with updates as they come!