Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bryan's Day Off

A few weeks ago Bryan and I decided to take the day off together. It was such a great day! Even though Bryan and I are both young and don't have any kids YET, we seem to be so busy all the time. We both have class Monday night after work until 10:00, I have class on Tuesday and Thursdays, and he has class again Saturday morning until 12:00. So to have a full day where we could both just be together was really nice!

First thing in the morning we went out and did a little shopping. Bryan is always so good about not making me carry any of the heavy stuff up the stairs. We live on the third floor so he always has me load him up as much as I can and then he'll run up and try to beat me to the door. He's such a good guy!
After shopping we went out to a movie. It was really weird because we were the only ones in the whole theatre! After the movie started a few other people trickled in, but there were literally no more then 15 people the whole time.

After the movie we went home and took Jack for a long walk. I love to go on walks with Bryan and Jack. It gives Bryan and I time to talk about what's been going on in our separate lives. He usually tells me how much he hates work, and I'll tell him about all the drama at my work. When we got home from our walk jack immediately pooped out in the middle of the living room. Bryan and I started to watch TV, but he only lasted about 10min before he fell asleep too.

To finish up the day I started on dinner while Bryan started to fill our dining room table with this computer parts. He's pretty good at up grading his computer so we don't have to keep buying a new one just to keep up with "the coolest new thing". He shares this disease with my dad... they have to have the best, newest, and most expensive piece of technology available to them. Luckily, Bryan is also big on have a savings account. So he'll compromise with me and just upgrade what he already has instead of buying a whole new computer.Bryan and I had such a great day together. I hope we can take more days like this to just spend time together. I would highly recommend taking a date day with your husband at least once every few months!


Ben and Jessica said...

It looks like ya'll had a fun day together! I'm glad ya'll can still be in love with each other! And your husband falls asleep in the most retarded positions I've ever seen in my life! lol..


hey!! That is soo fun you guys get atleast one day to spend me enjoy all the time you have with eachother, and even the time you dont. remember at least he always comes home at night!