Friday, March 14, 2008

My Best Friend

Well, I have more exciting news! I just recently found out that one of my best friends is also pregnant! What's more exciting is that we are only two weeks apart. It will be so nice to have my baby be so close in age with her baby. She's not ready to announce it to the world yet, so I won't take that from her. But I want to wish her congrats, and good luck!

Bryan and I are going to my first baby doctor appointment on Tuesday. I'm not sure what to expect because... from everything I've read my baby is the size of a pinto bean right now, and looks something like an alien fish! I am glad to be going though. I haven't been very sick and that worries me a little bit. I've read a bunch of articles about women who don't get sick at the beginning and some of the stories didn't have very happy endings. I have been reassured by a few women that didn't have major physical symptoms, and their children turned out very healthy and happy. It just makes me nervous! Anyway, it's past two so I have to get to work! I'll update again soon!


Ben and Jessica said...

You're making me cry at work!! lol.. thank you. I love you!


hey dont worry everyone is diffrent and nonne can tell you what to expect youll figure it out


tawna said...

Bah! Im so excited for you!

As far as not feeling sick- with this pregnancy I haven't felt pregnant hardly at ALL. Except for the growing belly and kicking. I, too, was quite worried in the beginning...but Ive just started the 3rd trimester and all is well! :D

So....Like emily said= everyone's different, every pregnancy is different, and I would just count blessing you're not hacking up your guts! :P