Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Guard Dog

We have noticed something a little odd about our puppy. He's a little bit of a guard dog. The problem is he doesn't guard the house when we're gone, or us while we're on a walk. Instead he's decided to guard the bathroom door while someone is in the bathroom.
Anytime someone goes to the bathroom he'll follow you to the door and then turn around and lay down in front of the door until you come back out. At first I thought it was just when Bryan went to the bathroom, but then that night Bryan caught Jack doing it when I was in there!
What a weird little dog!


*kt* said...

that's hilarious! dogs do some of the funniest things! gotta love 'em!

jenny said...

hey congrats on the preggo-ness! i had a friend out here i was pregnant with and it was sooo nice to have someone that doesn't get sick of hearing all about babies and bellies and all! and now our kids are a week apart and they have so much fun together! i'm sure a sister will be even better to share it with!

jenny said...

this is jenny christensen by the way. actually jenny heyman now but you know how that goes.

Katie said...

omg jackson is soo cute!!! he thinks he's so tough, now u need to teach him how to guard your room lol.