Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A New Thing

Hello all! I'm not sure really what I'm doing yet with all this blog stuff, but if my sister has one and even my parents have one I should probably have one too! So to get everyone up to speed here's me in a nut shell... I was recently accepted into TWU and am starting classes there in the spring. I work for PISD's PASAR program as an assistant site manager. I already have my associates degree, but am going to get my bachelor's in education (EC - 4) and get certified to teach. My husband, Bryan, works for Experian full time in the NCAC. He also goes to school as much as he can at CCCCD. He's working towards his degree in business management. We have the cutest little dog ever! His name is Jack and he is spoiled rotten! We are currently looking at buying a house, but aren't having much luck finding the "perfect" house just yet. (I LOVE my sisters new house, I'm very jealous!) It's Christmas time so things are really busy and lots of fun! Well, like I said that's us in a nutshell! Talk to you later!