Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yes, I am well aware that I should have posted this two months ago! However, it's better late then never!
Here's was Michelle's second Halloween experience...
I decided to make Michelle's costume this year. We wanted her to go as Pebbles, but all the costumes I could find were, well, ugly! So I bought some fabric and made an outline and here's what I got:
Ok, so it didn't really fit over her head so well so I had to cut the sleeves apart! But, hey, for someone that doesn't sew and that didn't have a pattern I think I did pretty dang good for my first try! My second try came out a little better... at least it fit!
Then we had to practice the hair do... too cute, right?! I love it!
After we got her costume under control we went to a pumpkin patch and let Michelle pick out her very own pumpkin!
Halloween night we decided to skip regular trick-or-treating (Michelle is still a little young for that) and stick to Trunk-or-Treat. Michelle had a great time! We met up with her cousin Clayton and did our best to follow the trunk-or-treat path, but... well, she's only one! We did our best, but only made it to a few choice cars. She got plenty of candy for a one-year-old though! Her favorite part? Believe it or not it was handing the candy out to other kids!
Happy, very late, Halloween everyone!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This was our Thanksgiving this year...

Everyone woke up early and headed to the kitchen,
a few insults and jabs were made,
ok, quite a few,
favorite foods were prepared,

games were enjoyed

by all ages!

We played outside,
and inside,
and then we posed for the camera,
and posed some more,
and had a lot of fun posing...
until it finally came out right!
And now that Thanksgiving is over....
It's officially my FAVORITE time of the year!

How do I sign in?

Please help me!
Ok, blogger friends, I need your help! I haven't been able to sign in to blogger since google bought it out! I have to go to Jessica's blog (which is private) and sign in so I can view her blog and then go to my dashboard from there. I can't just go to blogger and sign in. It keeps wanting me to make a google account to sign in. The problem is I already have a google account (That's my e-mail now.) and when I use that to sign in it gives me a whole new blog! Is there a way to either transfer my blog or sign in and still keep this blog?

Thanks for your help!