Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yes, I am well aware that I should have posted this two months ago! However, it's better late then never!
Here's was Michelle's second Halloween experience...
I decided to make Michelle's costume this year. We wanted her to go as Pebbles, but all the costumes I could find were, well, ugly! So I bought some fabric and made an outline and here's what I got:
Ok, so it didn't really fit over her head so well so I had to cut the sleeves apart! But, hey, for someone that doesn't sew and that didn't have a pattern I think I did pretty dang good for my first try! My second try came out a little better... at least it fit!
Then we had to practice the hair do... too cute, right?! I love it!
After we got her costume under control we went to a pumpkin patch and let Michelle pick out her very own pumpkin!
Halloween night we decided to skip regular trick-or-treating (Michelle is still a little young for that) and stick to Trunk-or-Treat. Michelle had a great time! We met up with her cousin Clayton and did our best to follow the trunk-or-treat path, but... well, she's only one! We did our best, but only made it to a few choice cars. She got plenty of candy for a one-year-old though! Her favorite part? Believe it or not it was handing the candy out to other kids!
Happy, very late, Halloween everyone!


Damaged said...

She's so beautiful. :)

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abby jenkins said...

Bam bam What a cutie pie! I love that hairdo...