Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hailey Mae

Here she is!! In this sono I was 36 weeks and a few days along. She was already 6lbs and 4 oz. She was also taking up every inch of space she could. I have never had a sonogram where they had to literally go up onto my rib cage to get a good picture of the leg/foot, and then all the way down to the very bottom of my stomach to see her sweet little face and hands. It was pretty crazy! 
Only two more weeks till Little Miss is supposed to make her grand entrance! Bryan and I are finally starting to get ready, but we still have lots to get done. So far we have bought a new swing, and got everything down from the attic. I also have the bassinet set up and ready to go, but that's about it. We still need to wash and hang all the newborn clothes, pack a hospital bag, and quite a few other things. Honestly, I'm still not too worried about it. It will get done when it gets done. I have another doctor's appointment today so we'll see what Dr. Mos has to say about me coming early. If she gives me the "any day now" speech then I'll probably come home and get my hospital bag packed. If she starts talking about inducing on the 27th though.... yeah, I'll probably stick to my "it'll happen when I get to it" schedule.
I have a sweet friend who has decided to throw me a baby shower this Saturday. I wasn't planning on having one simply because, not only is this my third baby, but it's my third baby GIRL. So, there really isn't a whole lot that I need. I have a bazillion outfits, and tons of the necessities (burp cloths/bottles/passies/blankets/etc.). However, I'll never turn down a chance to hang out with friends, eat some cake, and walk away with a few goodies. It may sound lame, but I'm hoping to get diapers and gift cards. We already have a box of newborn and a small package of preemies, but any Mom will tell you, you're gunna need more! Lol! No matter how many you have, you're gunna need more!