Saturday, November 8, 2008

Since October...

Ok I know I've been the worst blogger ever, but things have been kinda crazy! Here's a quick list of updates:
1. Jessica had her baby! Welcome to the world Clayton Mitchel Jones! Clayton is one of the cutest babies EVER, and he makes the funnies little turtle and grandpa faces! I'll post pictures later!
2. Bryan was offered a promotion! His manager thought he would be a great manager for his team and put his name in for a promotion. Then she went out of town and...
3. Bryan lost his job. Experian is doing a lot of lay offs right now and unfortunately Bryan got caught doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.
4. School has gotten really busy! Just this weekend I have had an exam (actually that was Thursday, but it's still this week!), I have a five page paper due, and an art project.
5. 6th Ward is moving back to Legacy. I didn't thing this would really cause extra work for me, but you'd be surprised!
6. Work is getting pretty crazy too. We provide care for the kids in PASAR on the days that PISD is closed, but only to those parent who want it. So we've been having sign ups for Thanksgiving for the past week, and then when we get back from thanksgiving we'll have sign ups for Christmas, oh wait, I mean winter break. And right after that, but still before winter break, we'll do sign ups for MLK. We also get to have 3 parties every year, and our first one is this next week.
So I'm sorry for being a poopy blogger, but I'm hoping that things will calm down pretty soon and I'll get to update a little bit more! Oh, and if anyone knows of a job that offers decent pay, and full benefits, and that's available please feel free to let me know!

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