Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bryan's New Car

A few weeks ago (I use the term few loosely) Bryan was involved in a three car accident. Unfortunately he was the middle car! We were incredibly lucky and very blessed that Bryan wasn't hurt, but his car didn't get off so easy.

There was also quite a bit of damage to his rear bumper, but our garage was too squishy (and it was super late when I was taking these) so I couldn't get any decent pics.

The insurance company took everyone's stories down and concluded that Bryan was in no way at fault! So he took in his car to get it fixed (at no cost to us, Thank goodness!) and rented a sweet little rental to drive around until his car was drivable. Well, a week went by and this sweet little rental turned into the gas gussler from hell! Then another week went by and Bryan started to get a little testy with the repair shop and insurance company about how long things were taking and how this was costing us WAY too much money. In the end they totaled his car and gave him a check for the car's worth. Bryan. Was. Heartbroken! He loved his little silver civic. Anyway, they gave us one more day with our rental and then we became a one car family.

I tried my best to be patient while Bryan looked for a car on his own, but quickly realized that I don't do well stuck at home all day long while he drives MY car back and forth to work. (I love my car too, and get a little possessive of it.) So after a few days of no car I started looking for him. For the next two weeks we went out almost every other day after work and spent a good portion of our weekends looking at cars and test driving others. Last weekend we decided to take a break from car hunting because we were both pretty burnt out. Then I found this little guy on Craigs List and told Bryan to go check it out ASAP!

It was in our price range ($6,000), has fewer miles then his Civic did (97,000), gets better gas milage (26 city/30 Hwy), and looked pretty decent. Plus it's a Toyota Corolla so I was almost immediately sold! It turns out that it's in really good condition on the outside, but kinda beat up on the inside. I'm thinking Bryan and I will go buy some new floor mats this weekend and then work on a few small details when we get the money for it. All-in-all I think we got a pretty good deal, and I LOVE that I have my car and Bryan has his car! (lol, it that totally selfish or what?!)

Yes, Michelle climbed on the outside of the car, and had no fear jumping off the roof into Bryan's arms! Crazy girl!

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