Thursday, July 28, 2011

Michelle's World

Let me start this story with a quick explanation. A while ago Michelle asked Bryan and I why her Daddy had to go to work. So we told her that Daddy goes to work to make money so we can have all our toys and snacks. Since then she has really latched on to the idea that Daddy goes to work to make money.
It's also important to note that there's a huge pond at Bank of America with gigantor fish in it. So every time we have lunch with Bryan we go out and feed the fish. Ok, on to the story...

When I got Michelle up this morning her first question to me, after yelling at Jack to "not come in", was "Where's Daddy?"

Me: Daddy had to go to work.
Michelle: Oh!
Me: But we'll see him when he gets home.
-a short pause-
Michelle: We can go make money too?
Me: (laughing) Well, I think only Daddy makes the money.
Michelle: No, yoooouuuu need to make money with Daddy.
Me: No, YOU make money with Daddy!
Michelle: No, Mommy, I feed the fish and eat frefries! (frefries- aka French Fries)
Me: Oh, I see. So Daddy makes the money, I help him, and you feed the fish?
Michelle: Yes.

LOL!!!! I WISH I lived in her world!

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