Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Michelle has developed a few... for lack of a better word, lets call them obsessions.

First there's her pirate face! Any time you ask Michelle to smile- this is what you'll get.

lol! She cracks me up! (She's actually saying "Cheeeessseee" in this picture!)
She is also obsessed with playing Hide and Seek. She's pretty good about telling us when she wants to play, and is actually pretty strict about the rules. "No Peeking!" and "Now, you count to 10!" But she is always the one to hide!

She's got some pretty good hiding places for a two year old!

The next obsession on her list is washing her hands. Wiping them off with a towel or a baby wipe is no longer acceptable. She needs to stand on a chair, rub her hands under the water, get soap, and dry her hands all by herself! And if you try to help- she starts all over!

Her eczema has also flared back up, so scratching is another HUGE obsession, but that one is kinda sad so I don't have any pictures of that. She also insists on going potty in her "big girl potty" every night before her tub. She doesn't usually go, but she always tries! I think Bryan gets a little frustrated with this one. She sits there and sings and plays for, probably, literally, five minutes before she'll admit that she doesn't have any pee to put in her potty.

She's such a sweet girl. I love the little obsessions that she has, and will be so sad when they start to disappear.

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