Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Working Together

One project down and only fifty-thousand more to go! lol! Well, we bought an official desk. We threw away our old apartment desk when we moved. For a long time were have been using a folding table as a desk, and quickly decided that we needed to upgrade! So Bryan and I did a little looking around, found a desk we liked about brought it home! Like a champ Bryan got started putting it together right away! And this time he had a little help:
After careful inspection Michelle was ready to jump in and help in any way she could!
Michelle went back and tightened all of the screws that daddy forgot to tighten!
She's such a hard worker!
She even helped read the instructions! If you look closely you'll see she is a very talented reader! She can read upside-down!
She was a great assistant! It took a few tries, but eventually she handed Bryan the tool he needed! ;)
After that it was pretty much just play time!
Gold Stars all around! Good work team!

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