Saturday, May 21, 2011

Supervised V.S. Not

The past few days, when it's not raining, have been really nice outside. SO Michelle and I usually spend the majority of our afternoons outside chalking, chasing Jack, "digging" the grass, and going on walks. Michelle has gotten into a little bit of a bossy mood lately and, instead of drawing things herself, she'll tell me what to draw, and in what color to do it. The results turn out looking something like this:

Right now she's obsessed with "party hats" and "birthday balloons" thus the girl with a pointy hat and the multi-colored balloons! She is also really good at her shapes (circle, square, triangle, diamond, heart, star, and she's still learning rectangle) and has known her colors for a while now (everything from red, blue, yellow, to purple, pink, gold, and silver).

These past few days, as well as being beautiful days, have also been pretty stressful for me. I'm giving a talk on Sunday and didn't have a whole lot of notice to prepare this talk. So, unfortunately, many or our mornings have consisted of me turning on Mickey Mouse, or a movie for Michelle while I sit at the computer and try to focus on things like general conference talks, personal stories, and scripture meanings. Don't get me wrong- I love reading and studying them, but I just wish I didn't feel so hurried to do it. I feel, very much, like a horrible mom for using the TV as a babysitter while I work. The other day I turned around to check on Michelle and found that she wasn't in the living room with me. I figured she must have gotten bored with TV and moved on to her room to play. When I went into her room this is what I found:

She loaded up her crib with every doll/stuffed animal she could find, and all of her books, and balls! I guess that's what I get for not supervising my little girl!

P.S.- Isn't she too cute?! I honestly couldn't be mad at her after seeing how funny she thought it was!

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