Monday, April 4, 2011

A Great Weekend

This weekend was such a great one! Bryan scheduled to take Friday off so that he could stay home and get stuff done around the house. Mainly the fence (see previous post). So I decided to take advantage of him having a long weekend and planned a fun date for us! I arranged for Bryan's mom to come babysit on Thursday night while I led Bryan on a "catch me if you can" scavenger hunt! As soon as Bryan walked in the door I handed him his first clue and walked out the door. He had no idea what was going on or why his mom was at our house! I gave him a different task to complete with each clue. After he finished his first couple tasks he figured out that he was supposed to meet me at Applebees! While he was doing these tasks I was busy at Target getting him a special prize. He finished WAY earlier then I expected (20 minutes early) and actually beat me there! It was ok though cuz I still had a few tricks up my sleeve.

Bryan was super excited about the date and we had a great time while we were at dinner. But, like I said, he had to complete a task before he could get his next clue. At the resturaunt he had to announce to the waitress that he was having "the best night ever!" which earned him the musical card I got him. He had to stand up and dance to the music in order to get the prize that went along with it.
He was such a good sport! He even got a few claps and whistles while he was dancing! After dinner he had to stand up and shout that he "had to pee like a race horse" and run to the bathroom. This one was the hardest one for Bryan to do. By this time he was laughing so hard he couldn't really "shout" anything. While he was in the bathroom I cleaned up our stuff, left him his last clue, and snuck out. (We had already paid.) That clue led him to the theater where we saw Just Go With It.
It was a cute movie. A little predictable, but still cute. After the movie Bryan had officially caught me and we headed home. We got home around 9:20, just in time to give Michelle kisses and hugs right before bed. It was a wonderful night, and a great start to our long weekend together. Thanks Grandma Lynne for babysitting all night!

The rest of the weekend was full of finishing projects and spending time with family. I finally got around to making those curtains I was talking about (also see previous post). It was a lot easier then I thought it was going to be.

And they didn't turn out too bad, if I don't say so myself! I still want to get some blinds for behind them, and I need some ribbon or matching cloth to tie them back when they're open. For now, though, they'll do! I like them about a million times better then those black, sheer, ugly ones!
Bryan also got his big project done! We now have a beautiful and a bit more sturdy fence! Thanks a million to Ben, who came and helped us get it done! We're probably going to have to replace a few more posts at some point in the future, but our neighbors were a little worried about money and we didn't want to make Ben do too much work. Plus, the fence is pretty stable as it is- it even held up against that huge storm and all the wind we've had last night and this morning!
We also washed cars, cleaned out our "storage" room, and got all the old empty boxes broken down. It was a super productive weekend! Saturday was full of family visits! We started out having a pretty lazy morning.
Then we headed down to my parents house and picked up some super yummy Mom's Famous Breakfast Potatoes! Mmm!
While we were there Michelle and I hung out and played with Graw (that's how Michelle currently says Grandma), Pa, Jess, and Clayton. Bryan went to get his hair cut and bought a game for his new PSP. Oh yeah, that was his prize from our date night! Then we left my parents house and headed for a game night at Bryan's parents house. It was Kyle's Birthday (Bryan's step brother) so we celebrated with a game of Wits and Wagers, spice cake, and ice cream!

Sunday was General Conference so we didn't 'go' to church. Needless to say, there was a lot of this going on.
The weekend really flew by, but it was a really great one! We should definitely try to have more weekends like it!

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