Monday, March 28, 2011


I've been told that once you move into a house of your own you will find there to be an endless list of "Projects" to be done. I always assumed that this was because people just had too much spare time and came up with these crazy "I have to do" kinda projects for themselves. Unfortunately I have fallen into this category of people. And since I am now a "never-ending projects/ huge to-do list" person, I am declaring that it isn't because we have too much spare time. Trust me, I don't... if I did these projects would be getting done, not sitting on my to-do list! So I thought I would share a few projects I have on my list and then give updates as I finish each one. (Keep in mind that it could be a while before each gets done!) The first thing that needs to be done is to replace/fix our back fence! I guess the people who live next door to us don't mind that their fence is falling over into our yard....
And to make it worse- here's how they try to "fix" a fence...
Yep, that's a belt up there at the top holding the fence together. An old piece of left over tile stacked there on top of that rubber lid trying to cover up a gaping hole... classy. So I spoke to Bryan and he spoke to the neighbors. At first I was ready to get the HOA involved and open up a can of "WHAT NOW?!" but then Bryan came home and told me that our neighbors are just a single mom and her young son. Neither of whom know how to fix a fence and have been a little overwhelmed the past few weeks. SO, being the nice understanding an oh-so-handy people we are- we called Ben! Ben says it should be an easy fix and has graciously offered to come over and help us get everything fixed the right way! Just in case you don't know who Ben is, he's my amazing brother-in-law who recently built his son a queen size bed! It's freaking amazing!

My next little project will be replacing the UGLY black sheer curtains in my kitchen. They were here when we moved in and our HOA requires that every window has a covering. Due to those rules... they have stayed up.
With much help and inspiration from my sister Jessica I have decided that they will no longer uglify my kitchen! I went with Jess to Joann's and picked out some Super Cute fabric.
Now all I have to do is pull out my handy-dandy sewing machine, take a few measurements, and turn another "to-do" into an "all done!"

Once the curtains have gone up I'm going to do something about this...
That's my one and only Kitchen wall. Right now it has some weird Shakespeare quote on it. I'm not even sure what it means. Needless to say, it's got to go! But I don't want to leave my wall blank.... any ideas?

Then there's this little issue.
This is my bowling ally hallway. I'm pretty sure it's like a million feet long and only three feet wide. So there's no room for any shelves or tables. And there aren't any doors (with the exception of my bedroom door here at the end) to break it up. I've decided that I'm going to do a picture wall on one side, and I'd like to add some chair rail. I'm also hoping some color will take away the "I'm walking down a hall of a mental hospital" feeling. I'm just not sure how to balance it all out. If I do a picture wall on one side I can't really leave the other side blank. Then again if I put stuff up on the other side it might look too busy and cluttered. Remember it's only 3 feet wide. I don't want people's heads to spin every time they walk down the hall. Plus, Bryan and I are battling about this project. He's a little overwhelmed by it, and I just want to get it started!

This next one isn't so much of a project as a "needs to be replaced". This is my front door.
Simple enough. Didn't really bother me when we first moved in. However, if you notice the placement of the peep hole... that's about six inches over my head! And there aren't any windows around the door for me to peek through either! I really didn't think this was a big deal until I was alone in the house with Michelle and I heard someone rattling my door knob and couldn't look out to see who it was. I gotta tell ya, it's kinda freaky. So I'm hoping Bryan will buy me a new door with a big fat window in it for mothers day/my birthday/Christmas.

And then, of course, there's still a lot of organizing, re-organizing, moving around and general unpacking that needs to be done. Michelle tries to help as much as she can.

Like I said... she's a big helper!

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Ben and Jessica said...

I'm so proud of you for blogging. It brings a tear to my eye! And hurry up and get those curtains hung! I'm seriously thinking that I might copy you and do the exact same thing in my house. BUT.. I'm also thinking that a playdate field trip to Ikea should be in our near future. The kids will most likely be miserable until we get upstairs and they can play in the kids rooms, but they sell fabric there! And cute stuff too! So maybe I'll find something there and not have to copy you. Either way.. Ikea has been calling my name for the last two weeks. I think it should be in our future. Holla!