Monday, March 21, 2011

Michelle's World

Michelle is getting SO big! I can't believe she's going to be 2 in just a few months! I know most of my posts are about her and not so much about me and Bryan, but here's a little look into the real world of Michelle:

Michelle has SUPER dry skin! When she was first born she was so soft and smooth, but it seems like she's had dry, rough and itchy skin for at least a year now. We talked with Dr.Katz about it and he told us it was just the winter weather and that if we used lotion after her baths that it would clear right up. Six months later we talked to him about it again. This time he recommended adding a humidifier to her room and to use a sensitive skin lotion instead of just a regular one. So now a few months after that I had to take Michelle in to see a different doctor who tells me that Michelle has eczema. She told me to use a special and specific kind of lotion and to apply it at least twice a day. If that doesn't work that she's going to write us a prescription for a corticosteroid cream. She also said to keep up with the humidifier and to keep Michelle dressed so that she wouldn't be able to scratch herself. I talked with Jess about it and we made a joint decision to change her laundry deterrent too. Well, long story short, you can't keep a baby girl dressed all the time! We try to keep her in a onesie so that she won't lift her shirt to scratch and pants keep her from scratching behind her legs. But there's really nothing we can do about her scratching her head or neck. Tub time is, by far, the worst when it comes to her scratching. She pretty much gets free reign to scratch where ever she wants. Or, at least she did. I walked in to check on her and Bryan (he's the tub giver in our house) and found Michelle like this-
I'm pretty sure I almost peed my pants laughing so hard! But it keeps her from scratching and she thinks its a lot of fun to put "socks on hands!"
As many of you many remember we bought a potty and all the potty training supplies for Michelle for Christmas this past year. Well, after a two week period of peeing in her panties we decided to give it a rest and try again when she turns two. I was so proud of her for a little while though. We did have a few successes. Michelle would get so excited when she made it to the potty in time!
Such a big girl!
So we're on a potty break for now, but plan to start trying again in a few months.

A few fun facts:
Michelle still loves to read. She'll read everything from board books to Dr.Seuss to "Daddy's books".

Her favorite shows rotate between Pooh, Imagination Movers, and most recently it's been Mickey Mouse. Which she calls "Pooh", "Show", and "Mickey Clubhouse".

Her favorite movie is definitely Finding Nemo. We have to skip the opening scene (where Nemo's mom dies) because it makes Michelle cry. She also yells at Bruce (the shark) every time she see's him "No bite Bruce!" And always reminds Dori to "swim, swim, swim".

She has figured out how to open "Chock" (chocolate) all by herself. Which is NOT a good thing!

She has developed this fake little belly laugh. When she gets something that she really wants or sometimes for no reason at all she just starts laughing so loud and fake that Bryan and I can't help but to laugh with her.

I know a lot of people list their kids vocab and the real meanings on their blogs and I LOVE to read those lists, but I'm not a very good list maker. I can't think of anything that Michelle says that requires that much translation or that is cute enough to be blog worthy. I'll work on it though.

She does say some really sweet things... but those would give away tomorrow's post so I'll have to wait to share them!

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