Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Hard Day

It was a hard day at Grandma's house on Sunday. Well, it was a hard day for Michelle.

You can't see it very well from these pictures, but Michelle got beat up! The sad part is that she beat herself up. The whole left side of her face was a shade of blue, red, or purple by the time we left!

She started the day out by slamming her eye against the corner of my parents center table in the living room. Thus the black eye, and bloody mark in the corner of her eye. She then proceeded to smash her fingers in the silverware drawer. I have to admit she had a little help with this one though. I was getting a spoon and didn't see her standing under me trying to keep the drawer open, so when I pushed it shut her fingers were still holding onto the inside of the drawer. Sorry baby girl! After that she tripped over herself and fell in the corner of the wall. Causing a long, straight, bruise right down the middle of her cheek. Poor kid!

At this point Bryan and I decided that enough was enough and that we should call it a day and head home. Grandpa, however, was smart enough to take Michelle outside to calm her down and distract her from all of her owies. Once we got outside she had a great time! She went on a walk with Clayton...

(This picture was taken and edited by Jessica Renea. Pretty amazing huh? I love it!)
Found lady bugs, and air planes, and generally had an awesome time.

This is Michelle's "I'm excited" pose. (I'll have to see if Jess can edit this pic too so it's not so grainy.)We ended the day on a great note and since then Michelle keeps asking to go back to "Graw's house". She has obviously forgotten about her hard day!

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