Saturday, April 23, 2011

Camping! ...sorta

This month was Bryan's turn to be in charge of Date Night. Honestly, I totally underestimated him! I expected a last minute, "I totally forgot", dinner and a movie, kinda date. I was so wrong! He called me Monday afternoon and let me know that he might have to work overtime that Friday. I was bummed because Fridays are usually the only days we get to relax and spend a decent amount of time together. However, he works hard and tries his best to provide for us, so I didn't complain. I did what I usually do when Bryan's not available... I called Jess! So it was all arranged that Michelle and I would hang out at Jessica's house till around 6 and then meet Bryan back at our house after he was off work on Friday. He reminded me once or twice though the week that he wouldn't be home and that he was sorry it had to happen on Friday. So Friday came and while I was at Jessica's I got a call from Bryan saying that he was off work early and would meet me at home as soon as I could get there. Michelle and I packed up and when we got home- SURPRISE! There was a HUGE tent popped up in my living room. (It was crazy windy outside (50mph winds) and was supposed to be storming that night- thus the indoor setup.) And I mean it was HUGE! It literally took up my whole living room. Bryan had even set up a little mini bedroom for us at the back of the tent. Here's a few pics to give you an idea of how big this thing was:

(I was standing in the entry of the tent to get this pic.)Michelle LOVED it! She did NOT love being spied on through the window of the tent though! Lol!

It was so much fun! We ate hot dogs, played a few games, jumped on the air bed (Michelle only, of course), and planned a future outdoor camping trip! I can't wait!

On a different note- Michelle has started to notice that "Mommy's tummy getting big!" She took the bubble wrap out of an old shipping box and stuffed it up her shirt so she could look like Mommy too!

Silly little girl!

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