Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Current Obsession

I admit it... I'm in lust. I can't get over it! I NEED these jars!
I see them every where! I'll see one in someone's craft room full of ribbons. So cute! Then I'll see another one on a entry way table with little crafty things in it. Beautiful! Or in a scrapbook room with buttons and beads. Love it! You just can't go wrong with these jars. I must have them!
So I've had these gift cards to William-Sonoma for... well about 5 years now! lol, I've been hording them for when I got into a house and could buy something really cool! So last night I decided that enough was enough and I was going to fulfill my secret desire and buy all three of these wonderful jars! I went on-line put them in my basket, went to check out, and then... Bryan walked in. He's so stinking logical sometimes that it really kills me! He looked at my basket, then looked at the total. "Don't we NEED a few thing for the kitchen first?" he asked. "But I NEED these!" was my reply. "If you think you need those more then we need a mixer (our last one broke) or a knife sharpener, or some good pots and pans (ours are still the cheap ones we bought when we first got married), or even some bread or muffin pans... well then I guess go ahead." ...jerk... So I emptied my basket, added a knife storage block, and this little beauty:
It's the new 9 speed hand mixer from Cuisinart. Comes with a storage container and everything... Yeah, I know. It's just not the same as my jars. Oh well... I'll just keep lusting them from afar.

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