Monday, April 11, 2011

If you give a Randi a Tax Return

Bryan and I recently got our tax return back. I told him about all of my projects and why it made sense for us to use our tax return to get them done. He responded with a story very similar to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

If you give a Randi a tax return she'll want to buy chair rail and paint. She’ll want some frames to go along with it. If you give her some frames she’ll see that the rest of her house needs paint and pictures too. She’ll want to go to Home Depot to get some supplies. You’ll have to drive her. When she gets more paint and a few pictures she’ll see that we need nice entry tables to match them. If you give her nice entry tables she’ll want a mat for the front door to accent the new table. She’ll see that the mat is pretty and she’ll want a door to go along with it. She’ll like the nice wood on the door and that will make her think of a new bed frame. She’ll want the big sleigh bed with the curving footboard. If you give her the curving footboard bed she’ll need a mattress to go with it. She’ll want to jump on it. While jumping she’ll notice the fan is too old and plain. She’ll want to replace them all. She’ll ask you to go back to home depot and buy her some. If you buy her some fans she’ll want you to install them. While installing the fans the red, blue, and white wires will remind her of flowers. She’ll decide she needs pretty flowers out in the front yard. If you get her the pretty flowers she’ll want you to rip out the old trees so it doesn’t block their sunlight. After you rip out the tress she’ll notice some spiders in the grass. She’ll want you to call the exterminator to come out to keep them away. After the exterminator is done she’ll feel safe and lie down on the carpet to relax. She’ll notice that the carpet no longer matches the new paint and frames. She’ll want to replace them as well. While shopping she’ll find the most wonderful carpet but it won’t match the new paint and frames you just put up. And because it doesn’t match, she’ll ask you for some new paint, and frames to go along with it. At the end of the day you will add up all the costs. Randi will see the total and decide she needs another tax return.

I loved this story! Mainly because it is 100% true! I've already got our whole tax return spent, and I'm starting to plan for any bonuses that Bryan may get in the near future! I love my husband for being so patient with me, and for helping me realize, in a very comical way, how crazy I'm being with my new projects!

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Ben and Jessica said...

lol.. It sounds like Bryan needs more to do at work! But that's funny!