Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stolen Pictures

So my sister just posted on her blog and I pretty much fell in love with a bunch of pictures she posted. ...So I stole them!

We went to the park on Friday with Clayton and Cam and had a great time!
One year on Thanksgiving my dad snapped a picture of us girls goofing around, and the picture atually came out really good. From that Thanksgiving on it's been kind of a tradition to get a picture together. ...Jess and Katie forget to include me in their "let's wear matching outfits" plan...
Daniel is in Arizona serving on his mission right now. Unfortunately that means that we won't get to see or even talk to him for two years. The only exception to that rule is on Christmas and Mothers day when he gets to make a phone call home. This year was pretty cool because he was able to call us through Skype!
This is probably the first family picture where someone isn't picking their nose, looking in the wrong direction, crying, or making some sort of funny face! And look- Daniel's there too!!
I saved the best for last. I LOVE this picture. And I think I'll end this post with it, just to make sure you leave my blog with that "oh...that's cool..." feeling.

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Ben and Jessica said...

That is one good picture of Michelle at the park. :) Good post. Glad to see you blogging again. Let's keep it up mmkay?