Friday, January 6, 2012

A Name and A Blessing

We finally blessed Tina! On December 18th (I know this post is SUPER late) Bryan, Ben and my dad blessed Tina in the Melissa ward. Tina was too cute in her blessing dress. Speaking of her blessing dress, I have to say thank you to Jessica for cheering me on and helping me figgure out how to make it. I was so nervous and honestly had major doubt about making Tina's dress, but Jessica kept telling me I could do it, and after a few days and a lot of mistakes- it came out pretty cute. And my favorite part? It only cost me $10!! The whole dress, lining, satin, sash, all of it- ten bucks! I wish I would have gotten a better picture of it on her, but... well, I'm sure you know how busy blessing days can be.

Tina cried through the whole thing so we didn't get to hear the actual blessing very well. Ben was a good Uncle and blew in her face to make her stop crying for a little bit. But, by the time Bryan finished her blessing she was exhausted.

Michelle was there too! lol! She pretty much steals the show anytime we're with the grand parents. To be fair though, she is pretty cute.

After the blessing we all came back to the house, had lunch, and spent the afternoon visiting. It was a good day.

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