Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dirty Little Secrets

We all have them! Don't lie! Here's mine-

I really like this show! lol!

I know, I'm not 15, I'm too old to be watching this show. But everyone needs a little drama in their life, and I'de rather not have it IN my life, so this is my surroagate drama dosage! Plus, I record it every Thursday so it's the perfect "during Michelle's nap" activity on Friday to help me relax from that week. Well, that and this...

Yep, ice cream straight from the container. It really does make the perfect afternoon treat. I put on Vampire Diaries, grab my pint of ice cream and a spoon... oh man... I love it! And the best news?! It all starts again this week!! Oh, that reminds me- I need to get some ice cream while I'm at the store tomorrow...

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