Monday, August 29, 2011

A "Little Red Hen" Story

Once upon a time there was a little Baker Mommy. She had a helpful Daughter. One day the Baker Mommy found some bruised and overly ripened bananas. She had an idea. She would bake the bananas into bread!
The Baker Mommy asked her daughter, "Who will help me smash the bananas?"
"I will!!" said the daughter
Then the Mommy asked, "Who will help me add the flour?"
"I will!" said the daughter
"And," asked the Mommy, "Who will help me mix all the ingredients?"
"I will!" said the daughter.
When the bread was finished the Mommy asked, "Now, who will help me eat the bread?!"
"I WILL!!!" replied the Daughter.

I know, she's really cute sometimes! lol!

Michelle's favorite snack right now is, without a doubt, banana bread!

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