Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vacation Time

First, let me just say that Bank of America rocks! Bryan gets 3 months, PAID, off for paternity leave, and on top of that he still has his three weeks vacation and one week sick time! This means Bryan is going to have October thru the end of the year off to be home with the new baby, and has a ton of vacation to use before then. So this week Bryan took Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off. It was so nice to have him home for five days, I can't even imagine having him for three months!!

Saturday and Sunday were business as usual. Mowing the lawn, bathing Jack, and other house-hold chores most of the day Saturday. Then Church and Grandma & Grandpa visits on Sunday. Monday we relaxed most of the morning. We did some chalking out on the back porch and a lot of playing/rough housing with Daddy. Then Monday night Michelle had her first day of gymnastics! We got her all dressed in her little leotard, which she picked out, packed up the camera, and headed out! I was totally bummed when I saw the big sign that said "No flash photography". So the only pic we got of her first gymnastics experience was this one:

She had a blast though! She was so excited to finally get to go into the room that she didn't do such a great job of listening, but she wasn't the only one. There are three other little girls in her class and none of them were completely focused the whole time. In fact two of them refused to move or even stand up for the first little while. Michelle was jumping and clapping the whole time. It was pretty sad when we had to take her home. She cried when we told her it was time to go, and didn't stop until we promised her that she could come back next week, and do it all over again! We took her out to GoldenChick for dinner. It was so yummy! Michelle loves her "chickn' and frefries." She had me crying laughing when she yelled -SO loud- "AND APPLE JUICE!!" while we were ordering her meal.

Tuesday we went to the splash park in Allen. It was so much fun! Michelle had to go down every single slide she could find.

The purple one...
the green one...
the red one...
...there was also the blue and yellow ones, but they were pretty big so I had to catch her instead of take a picture.

She also got soaking wet playing in the water. Bryan was so good to walk through the splash pad with her so she wouldn't be too scared. He ended up carrying her through some of it, but she giggled, screamed, kicked and clapped the whole time!

Bryan and Michelle were pretty soaked by the end of our trip. It was such a wonderful experience! Bryan and Michelle really got some good bonding time in. We will absolutely do it again!

On our way to the car Michelle found out that there were birds on the grass. There was no question, as soon as she saw them she was off! "I have to catch them!", she yelled to us as she was running away.

Wednesday was spent mostly relaxing at home. It was good for me and Bryan to get to spend some time together doing things that weren't "productive". I had my 32 week appointment with Dr. Mos that afternoon, but that was pretty boring. It was a nice easy day.

Now it's Thursday and Bryan is back at work, and I'm home with a long list of cleaning and general catching up to do from our little vacation from reality. lol- you should see the piles of laundry and dishes that need to be done! And you don't even want to know what the living room looks like!

It was worth it though. I wouldn't trade out mini-vacation for anything. It was wonderful!

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