Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Michelle's World

Every night before bed Bryan reads Michelle a book, tucks her in and then tells her night night before slipping out the door. Tonight Michelle wanted to talk for a minute.

Michelle: Tomonnow (aka- tomorrow) you have to go to work and get some money.
Bryan: Yeah, I'll go to work tomorrow and get us some money. ...Ok, Night, night baby.

Bryan leaves the room only to be called back in seconds later.

Michelle: Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!
Bryan: What do you need hunny?
Michelle: You stay home tomonnow?
Bryan: No, I have to go to work.
Michelle: Stay home with me tomonnow, daddy.
Bryan: I'm sorry hunny, I have to go to work. But you can stay home with Mommy, and I'll come home after your nap.
Michelle: Oh...
Bryan: Ok, I love you. Night night.
Michelle: Lub you. Nigh nigh Daddy.

How sweet is that?! That's the first time she has really shown that she understands that Bryan won't be here AND that she wants him to stay home with her! It melts my heart!

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