Monday, September 26, 2011

We're not dead

I know it's been a while since my last post, and even then, it wasn't really a great "what's been going on" kind of post. But- we are still alive! I have a ton of pictures to upload and update the blog with, but my computer's been in slow motion lately and I just don't have the time to sit here for hours while blogger loads the pictures, so that will have to wait. For now, here's a VERY quick little summary of what's been going on this past month...

Jess, Mom and I made 3 huge mum's and one garter for Plano East's Homecoming.
Justin (Bryan's twin brother) graduated from UTA!
Bryan finished his Associates and has started working on his Bachelors at UNT.
Michelle LOVES gymnastics!!
My dad celebrated his 47th Birthday.
Ben got a surprise trip to Utah, from Jessica, for his 30th Birthday.
I went to my first Enrichment activity in my new ward- more fun then I thought it would be!
My date with Bryan was a total bust after I put TONS of work into it- I know, sad day!
Daniel celebrated his 19th Birthday!
I had ANOTHER doctor's appointment! At least I got some pretty cool sono pics out of this one!
There was a scorpion in my house!! Yeah, I freaked out.
Chelci, Ryan's girlfriend, got baptized- it was a great baptism. The spirit there was SUPER strong!
Bryan planned a little date for us to go see a movie. As sad as it is, his super easy date turned out better then my "2 months of planning" date!

And that brings me to today. I have another doctors appointment on Wednesday, and I'm going shopping for Fall/Halloween decorations on Thursday and am super pumped to get my house all decorated! And then Drew, Bryan's best friend, and my friend since elementary school, is getting married on Saturday! So, we've been a little busy, but I promise I'll do a better, more thorough update later this week!

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