Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I love Fall

Don't you just love fall?! I do! I don't know why, but I can never figgure out how to decorate my house during the summer. I mean, there are specific months that you can decorate for. July- red white and patriotic all over. But other then that... how are you supposed to decorate for mothers day, or fathers day, or school starting (especially when none of your kiddos go to school yet!)? So, for me, October starts the best time of the year! I can break out my pumpkins and wreaths and all the fun fall colors! Then in December you get to switch to Christmas! It's just sad that it only lasts a few months. Spring is ok to decorate for, but it's just not the same.
So here's what I have going this year- I don't have a fire place in my house, which makes me very sad, so I had to get creative when it came to decoration. With Bryan's permission, I decked out the top of his desk with my previous fall decor. Here's what it looks like right now:

Don't judge my lousy picture. My camera is about 50 years old and has been broken numerous times by my lovely daughter. That, and I forgot to turn on some back light to even out the light coming in from the window in our back door! Oops! Anyway, I'm thinking something is missing. I want to add some sort of focal point right there in that big empty space in the middle. My first thought was an oversize framed quote. Then I had a hard time picking a quote, so I moved on to the big chunky framed mirror idea. But that just seems too boring. SO- I've decided to try and get the mirror, but I want to hang a wreath on it. Something like one of these...

And I can put a framed quote off to the side if I think it still needs something. What do you think?
Then, I'm going to do something very similar to this in from of my house...

I just have to go buy the pumpkins and get Bryan to help me with a few of the carving techniques. I'm going to buy the pumpkins on Thursday though, so I hope to have something up and ready to go by this weekend! I'm so excited!! Don't you love fall?!

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