Wednesday, February 17, 2010

He knows me

I want to take a second and bare my testimony that I know my Heavenly Father knows me, knows what I'm going through, and knows what I need and when I need it.
The other day I got a letter in the mail that immediately brought me to tears. Bryan and I have been struggling with insurance and who's supposed to pay what portion of which bills. Well at one point I was told that insurance was going to cover one of the bills that was sent to me and that I didn't need to do anything further. So when I was sent a notice that this particular bill was being sent to a collections agency I completely fell apart. The only thing that ran through my mind was how much this was going to ruin my credit report, and just when we were thinking about houses... Bryan would be so upset.
I didn't have long to feel upset though because Michelle was getting crabby and needed my attention. So I pulled myself together and went to help Michelle. Unfortunately nothing I did seemed to make her happy, so once again the tears came streaming down.
A few minutes later my phone rang. It was Bryan. He was calling in the middle of the day, a time when he normally is the busiest at work. I answered the phone expecting more bad news. The conversation went something like this...
Me: Hello?
Bryan: Hey babe, how's your day going?
Me: Fine, why are you calling?
Bryan: I don't know I just felt like I should call and see how you were doing.
Me: (once again sobbing) I'm so glad you called!
After my conversation with Bryan I felt so much better! I told him what was going on and he knew exactly what to say to lift the burden I was feeling.
I know Heavenly Father sees me and knows me well enough to send my husband to help me.

*In case you were wondering- it was a mistake on insurances part and has all been resolved now. No collections agencies and no disappointed husband! This story had a happy ending!


Ryan & Keri said...

Randy, thanks for your testimony--very true and very sweet. I LOVE all of the updates of Michelle. She is such a gorgeous baby--so Gerber!!! Beautiful girl. My fav pics are the snow day ones. Her cheeks just need to be squeezed and kissed. Hope you guys can find a home. Glad the bill cleared up.

The Bryans said...

What a cute blog! Thanks for linking me to it. I love reading it. What a great testimony of God knowing you. I loved all the cute pictures of Michelle. I like the picture of your house.